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Eagle Rock 5C Air Collet Fixture
Eagle Rock 5C Air Collet Fixture
Panavise Tray Base Mount
Panavise Tray Base Mount
Avenger Flexbar Dual Axis Magnetic Base
Avenger Flexbar Dual Axis Magnetic Base


Work Holding Devices  Listings Per Page:
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  "D" Turning & Facing Holders and "H" Boring Holders for Swiss Multiquick
  "J" Drilling & Boring Holder and "L" Morse Bushing for Swiss Multiquick
  "M" Qwik-Change Face Plate
  "M" System Vise Fixturing
  "T" Cut-Off Holders and HSS Blade for Swiss Multiquick
  "Tom Thumb" Flexible Cable Arm 6" or 9"
  "Tom Thumb" Flexible Indicator Holder
  2-Way Cross Slide Machine Vise
  3" Pipe Vise
  4 Pc. Die Holder Set
  52 Piece Clamping Kit
  5C Collet Block Set
  5C Collets
  5C Expanding Collet Kit
  5C External Oversize Collet - Steel or Aluminum
  5C Spin Index
  6" Milling Machine Vise with Swivel Base
  90 Holder
  Accurate Granite Gage Stands
  Adjustable Trolleys


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