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General Levels General Levels General Levels

Bulls Eye Level
  • A circular all directional level made of unbreakable acrylic plastic.
  • For leveling machines,hi-fi equipment, pool and game tables, electric appliances and many other items which must be level to give best performance.

  • Heat resistant, unbreakable endplates and internal aluminum frame.
  • Readings possible from top, bottom, or side positions.
  • Magnetic working edge for use with metal surfaces.
  • V-groove working edge for use on pipes.

  • New, multi purpose tool functions as level, protractor, square & pitch gage.
  • Measures angles in full 360 degree range.
  • Accuracy transfers angles and measures pitch angles.
  • Instantly adjustable.
    Qty. Product # Description Price
    839 Torpedo $16.95
    845 Protractor $8.95
    847 Bulls Eye Level $4.95


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