Harig Spin-Indexers Manual & Motorized
Harig Spin-Indexers Manual & Motorized

Harig's durable 5C collet spin fixture offers "production plus" capabilities and is easily motorized. Suitable for a variety of machining applications, this unit quickly becomes the most useful "spinner" in your toolroom. Variable speed motor attachment can be mounted to Spin-Indexer (P/N 120-100) in forward or rearward position and makes accurate production work easy. Most complete line of accessories broadens applications. When production work is called for, the Spin-Indexer can be motorized to do the job even more efficiently. Reliability backed by Harig's trademark service.

  • Sturdy and dimensionally stable cast iron housing.
  • Large preloaded ball bearings are durable and accurate - ideal for motorization.
  • 5C collet holder ground in assembly to under 0.0001 runout.
  • 24 division index plate with precision index pin locks in every 15 degrees to +/- 30 seconds.
  • Draw sleeve for quick set-ups of collets and accessories.
  • Extended base for minimal deflection even with heavier parts.
  • 1/4" diameter mounting hole on top of housing for diamond dresser.
  • Mounting holes on base of unit for use with Harig accessories.
  • Crank handle easily removed for motorized set-up.
  • Unique design allows for mounting of variable speed motor in forward or rearward position.
  • Full repair service and replacement parts available.
    Qty. Product # Description Price
    120-100 Harig Motorized Spin-Indexer $1,495.00
    122-100 Harig Manual Spin-Indexer $1,050.00


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