Baileigh Manual 12ga x 48" Box and Pan Brake
Baileigh Manual 12ga x 48" Box and Pan Brake

Baileigh Manual 12ga x 48" Box and Pan Brake

Sheet Metal Brake

The BB-4812 Box and Pan Brake can handle up to 48" wide mild steel at a thickness of 12 gauge, and 16 gauge stainless steel. This sheet metal tool is great for the general fabrication shop that doesn't need to bend at web widths beyond 48". It is a very strong machine that can put perfect straight and tight bends into materials like mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

This sheet metal brake has heavy duty truss rods coupled to a eletro welded all steel frame and uses hardened fingers that can produce minimal deflection even when bending a box up to 6" deep. The apron has precision lube for life bearings and dual counter weights to assist any bend up to the maximum width and thickness capacity, making it very precise and easy to operate piece of equipment.

The BB-4812 comes standard with a rigid floor stand and three 3", two 4", five 5" and one 6" hardened fingers. This combination of fingers allows the operator to build almost any size of box and pan required, up to 48" wide. and can handle up to 12GA mild steel. The heavy duty apron has a solid stop rod system allowing this bending brake to be a repeatable machine for multiple production runs of the same item. This sheet metal bending machine's heavy all steel constructed framework weighs in at almost 2000 lbs, which is one reason it has no problem easily bending 12 gauge mild steel.

Baileigh Industrial's line of consist of 6 different size bender models that all share the same design characteristics offering the metal fabrication industry the best value for the money, which is further rewarded by being backed by the Baileigh name and reputation. Baileigh industrial sells its sheet metal brakes throughout North America and Western Europe.


Bend Length: 48"
Bend Thickness(SS): 12 ga. (16 ga)
Bend Angle: 0 – 135 deg.
Finger Sizes: 2” / 4” / 5” / 6”
Beam Adjustment: 1”
Min Reverse Bend: .625”
Box Depth: 6"
Shipping Dimensions(L/W/H): 71” / 34” / 44"
Shipping Weight: 1980 lbs
Qty. Product # Description Price
BB-4812 Manual 12ga x 48" Box and Pan Brake $5,790.25


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