SPI Spindle Squares
SPI Spindle Squares

SPI Spindle Squares

A Simple solution to squareing your machine. Just zero indicators on flat surface (like a granite plate) install in milling machine spindle, bring the spindle down to the table and adjust the head untill both indicators read the same

  • 3/8" Shank
  • Fully assembled with indicators mounted and ready for use
  • No more tramping or split reading, compensating for loose, worn gears or mirrors.
  • Can also be used with a sign bar or protractor to set angle
  • Constructed of steel with precision ground contact points for durability and accuracy
  • Mini inch model designed for mini-milling or table-top machines and comes in a custom leather pouch
  • All other models furnished in fitted case
Qty. Product # Description Graduation Price
20-910-6 Standard Inch Model 0.001" $220.70
91-330-1 Metric Model 0.01 mm $226.20
91-331-9 Mini Inch Model 0.0005" $231.00
91-332-7 Tool Grade Inch Model 0.0005" $236.60


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