Scherr-Tumico Hub Micrometers
Scherr-Tumico Hub Micrometers
Scherr-Tumico Hub Micrometers

Hub Micrometers are designed to take measurements of hubs and hard to reach areas where the shallow frame is necessary. Hub micrometers can be used to reach through holes to measure thickness. Solid steel frame with black wrinkle finish. This micrometer is furnished with ratchet stop and lock nut. Meets or exceeds government specification GGG-C-105c for accuracy.
  • Shallow frame with durable black wrinkle finish
  • Spindle hardened to Rc 62-64 with lead error held to within .00005"
  • Lock nut and ratchet stop standard
  • Silver mist chrome finish head
  • Black lines & numbers for easy reading
  • Supplied with plastic case
  • Fitted wood case available
Qty. Product # Graduation Face Range Price
08-1651-11 0.001" Carbide 0 - 1" $159.95
08-1652-11 0.001" Carbide 1 - 2" $189.95


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