Flexbar Sensing Saf-Start Plug 20" Cord - 17023

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Flexbar Sensing Saf-Start Plug 20" Cord - 17023

  • The Inexpensive Solution to OSHA. Anti-automatic Restart Protection Without the High Cost of Magnetic Motor Starters

With the Sensing-Saf-Start correctly installed on existing equipment, it will provide protection against unexpected start-up, motion, and motor burn-out in the following manner:

VOLTAGE DROP OR POWER INTERRUPTION PROTECTION - In the event equipment, while being operated (switch in the "ON" position), should stop due to loss or drop of electrical power due to POWER FAILURE from any cause, the Sensing-Saf-Start will automatically disconnect and shut off power to the equipment, so that upon restoration of power, the equipment will not start up even though the power switch to the equipment is in the "ON" position. In order to restore power to the equipment, the equipment switch must be turned "OFF" first, and then the reset button on the Sensing-Saf-Start depressed. In the event the equipment is inadvertantly unplugged and then plugged back into the power source while the equipment switch is in the "ON" position, the equipment will not restart until the reset button on the Sensing-Saf-Start is depressed.

SCOPE OF APPLICATIONS AND STANDARDS - The Sensing-Saf-Start is intended for installation on equipment which operates on 120-volts or 240-volts A.C. and which is connected to the source of electric power by means of a 3-wire flexible power cord.

The following standards apply to machines driven by 120 volt and 240 volt motors:

  • OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration 29 DFR #1910.213 (b) (3)*)
  • NFPA (Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, 1997 Edition, Section 8, Protection)

Installs in minutes on:

  • drill presses
  • disc sanders
  • tool grinders
  • table saws
  • cut-off machines
  • power hacksaws
  • band saws
  • belt sanders
  • small milling machines
  • radial arm saws

Model No. 17023, 20" cord on equipment switch end. 8' code on power end (no plug). Wire directly into disconnect box or install TwistLock Plug. Rated 120 volts. A.C., 18-amp maximum, 50/60 Hz

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Flexbar Sensing Saf-Start Plug 20" Cord - 17023

Flexbar Sensing Saf-Start Plug 20" Cord - 17023

Flexbar Sensing Saf-Start Plug 20" Cord - 17023