Bore Gauge: What is it, and what is it used for?

Posted by Penn Tool Co., Inc on 11th Jan 2023

Bore Gauge: What is it, and what is it used for?

A bore gauge is an excellent tool to measure the internal diameters of a bore or hole. Read on to discover the best and most reliable digital gauge in 2023.

Measuring the depth and width of a bore or hole is one of the most crucial aspects of any construction or other business project. Even a minute measuring mistake can cost you a fortune. Therefore, using an advanced and accurate measuring tool becomes imperative. A bore gauge is a measuring tool that helps acquire correct measurements of a bore or hole of any length or shape. From regular inspections to determining accurate measurements, a bore gauge is used for various purposes, including for construction, manufacturing, and other related industries.

With a bore gauge set, you can professionally calculate the measurement of a cylinder or hollow substances without damaging the equipment or getting injured during the process. If you want to learn more about bore gauges or ways to find the best type of bore gauge for your business, this article can help.

So, without further ado, let us understand:

What is a bore gauge?

A bore gauge is a measuring instrument used to calculate the depth or internal diameter of a bore or hole. A bore is a term used to describe any sort of hole in objectives or substances. A bore gauge is also used in routine maintenance and inspection of equipment to check the wear-outs, injuries, and other damages in parts of operators to determine the right time to replace or repair the equipment.

Depending on the application size, project requirements, and other specifications, the type of bore gauge may vary from one project to another. The best type of bore gauge for your use will depend on the specifications of the application, budget, and other preferences.

What are the Different Types of Bore Gauges?

Now, let us look at some popular and different types of bore gauges you can consider for business or professional needs.

1. Telescopic bore gauge

The telescopic bore gauge is a traditional measuring tool. It is one of the cheapest measuring tools that can be found easily anywhere. A telescopic bore gauge is a T-shaped calculating device that comes with a handle, two telescopic rods, and a locking screw. This type of bore gauge is controlled by a knurled knob or small handle to expand the telescopic hands to measure the internal diameter of a bore.

2. Small-hole gauge

As the name suggests, a small-hole gauge is used to calculate the internal diameter of small holes or bores. This measuring equipment is different from the telescopic bore gauge; it comes in two styles - the half ball and the full ball. Comparatively, the full-ball gauge is more flexible and offers more measuring features than the half-ball gauge.

3. Dial bore gauge

Dial bore is one of the most popular and widely used bores measuring tools. Dial bore gauge has a more direct approach to calculating the measurements than telescopic and small-hole gauge types. The gauge is used by rotating the knob to extend and retract the three anvils that come out from the body of the gauge.

4. Digital bore gauge

A digital bore gauge is a technologically advanced and safe bore measuring tool. It is a wireless technology that offers accurate and reliable measurements for wider and deeper bores. However, digital bore gauges might be more expensive and long-lasting than other options. If money is not the concern, you should invest in digital bore gauges.

Best Digital Bore Gauge to Buy in 2023

1. iGaging digital dial bore gauge

iGaging is a well-known and widely preferred brand across the nation. iGaging digital dial bore gauge can measure bore up to 10” deep, ranging from 2” to 6” in diameter. It is a super-precision deep bore gauge that includes gage and interchangeable contact points.

2. Fowler digital dial bore gauge

Fowler is one of the most reliable and best digital bore gauge brands in the USA. The Fowler 54-646-401-0 digital dial bore gauge provides both inch and metric readings. It is a two-point contact system used to detect geometry-related problems. It consists of a 2-inch contact extension holder that can be easily adjusted as per the specifications of the application.

3. Others

Other digital bore gauges that offer satisfactory readings and come at affordable prices include Mitutoyo digital ABS bore gauge, Neoteck digital indicator dial gauge, Anytime tools digital dial bore gauge, Wondersunm precision inch, and other Fowler digital bore gauges.

What is the Ideal Cost of a Bore Gauge?


What is the best tool for measuring the inside of the cylinder bore?

Telescopic and digital bore gauges are the best tools for measuring inside the cylinder bore. Through telescopic and digital bore gauges, you can easily measure the inside of the extended cylinder bore without using additional equipment or measuring tools.

Are bore gauges accurate?

Compared to traditional bore gauge equipment, digital bore gauges are more accurate and reliable. Always use the correct method and measuring tools to get accurate measures on the first try.

How do you measure bore size at home?

Different bore gauges have unique characteristics and methods of calculating the measurements. It is best to read the manual and learn the correct methods from experts before measuring your bore size at home using bore gauges.

Which type of gauge can be used to measure a cylinder bore?

Digital and telescopic bore gauges are the two most preferred and widely used bore gauge types to measure a cylinder bore.

At Penn Tool Co, we understand how challenging it can be to determine the right type of bore gauge for your personal or business needs. This is why we offer a wide array of measuring tools ranging from unique designs to 3-point bore gauge systems. Get in touch with us or simply explore our website to learn more about products or services.