Understanding the Different Types of Thread Mills

Posted by Penn Tool Co., Inc on 20th Aug 2021

Understanding the Different Types of Thread Mills

Understanding the Different Types of Thread Mills

Thread milling is a process of machining that offers many different customization options. These options appear in the form of different types of thread mills, which allow for varied production results. With each unique thread mill, you can create a variety of different threads. You can use each thread mill for projects, styles, and materials you are working with. Keep reading to learn about their differences and applications.

Classifications of Thread Mill

There are a few main types of thread mill. All can be used in a variety of processes, including cutting internal and external threads. However, each thread mill has its own specialties.

Helical Flute Thread Mill

The helical thread mill specializes in high-speed cutting applications. This design helps reduce its cutting pressure, which is ideal for when you want to have a smoother finish on your working materials. The helical thread mill is best used for tough or thin-walled materials.

Straight Flute Thread Mill

Straight flute thread mills are best for use in general-purpose jobs. If you need strong cutting done quickly on a variety of jobs or materials, the straight flute thread mill is your best bet.

Single Profile Thread Mill

The single profile thread mill has multiple flutes and is best used for low pressure cutting applications. Because of the multiple flutes, it can cut in multiple pitch ranges, lengths, diameters, and more, making it a great choice for a variety of tasks.

Thread Mill Materials

Thread mills are also available in a variety of materials. You can find thread mills in cobalt, steel, carbide, and powered metal forms. Each of these materials has different strengths and benefits, so consider looking into the different types of materials to find the right fit for your project.

Knowing the different types of thread mills is essential for any milling process. They can help customize your threads and have many different applications. If you are looking for threading mills or milling machines for sale for your own milling jobs, look no further than Penn Tool Co.