GKS-Perfekt F18 & L18 Transport Dollies

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The F18/L18 can be combined to increase loading capacity

GKS-Perfekt F18 Transport Dolly - 10215-1

The F18 Transport Dolly, when used as the rear-axle of a three-point moving system, provides a consistently effortless ride for loads of up to 18 metric tons. This F-Dolly can serve as the backbone of a no-slip, no-scuff, no-stress system for use in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and anywhere else heavy loads need to move through tight spaces.
The adjustable connecting bar allows a range of widths from 39.9 inches to 56.3 inches, offering versatility and flexibility when combined with the L18 steerable dolly. The jointed connecting bar allows smooth, secure transport on uneven facility floors. 

The F18 has a loading height of 4.3 inches, making it interchangeable with the L3, L6, L9 and L12 dollies, or it can be adapted for a four-point system with Tandem dollies Tl6 or Tl2, as well as two rotating dollies RL2 or RL4. Combined with our L18 transport dolly, the pair has a load capacity of 79,200 pounds (36 metric tons).

Item No. 10215-1
Loading Capacity 39,600 lbs. 18 Tons
Contact Surface pert Cassette 7.9" x 16"
Loading Height 4.3"
Roller Amount/ Size 16/3.3" x 3.3"
Connecting Bar, Adjustable 39.9-56.3"
Weight 121 lbs.
Total Load Capacity per Set F18 + L18: 79,200 lbs. 36 Tons

GKS-Perfekt L18 Transport Dolly - 10216-1

Transporting heavy equipment and material across the shop floor requires strength, safety, and freedom of movement. The L18 Transport Dolly from GKS-PERFEKT allows for unconstrained movement, adaptability and the strength to transport items weighing up to 39,600 pounds (18 metric tons) without damaging surfaces. With rollers that are positioned on swiveling cassettes, the L18 even enables fluid transportation over uneven surfaces.

One of our strongest transport dollies, the L18 can be paired with the width-adjustable F18 Transport Dolly to create a three-point-system that can sufficiently allocate 79,200 pounds of weight (36 metric tons). The three-point moving system delivers secure and reliable transportation, no-slip security and supplemental floor scuffing protection. Due to its low loading height of 4.3 inches (110 mm), the L18 works interchangeably with the F3, F6, F9, and F12 GKS dollies.

Item No. 10216-1
Load Capacity 39,000 lbs. 18 Tons
Swivel Plate/Steering Angle Ø 6.7"
Loading Height 4.3"
Roller Amount/ Size 16/ 3.3" x 3.3"
Steering Handle Bar 42.5"
Dimensions LxW 40.6" x 24.4"
Weight 176 lbs.
Total Load Capacity per Set F18 + L18: 79,200 lbs 36 Tons
GKS-Perfekt F18 & L18 Transport Dollies

GKS-Perfekt F18 & L18 Transport Dollies

GKS-Perfekt F18 & L18 Transport Dollies