GKS-Perfekt F3 & L3 Transport Dollies

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The F3/L3 can be combined to increase loading capacity

GKS-Perfekt F3 Transport Dolly - 10206-2

The GKS-Perfekt Transport Dolly F3, part of our straight-line F-Dollies, transports heavy loads and features a connection bar that adjusts to distribute weight while reliably supporting your facility’s needs.

The F3 transport dolly can be used in combination with:

Tandem Dollies, including the TL6, TL12, TL20, and TL40 to offer significantly increased load capacity to transport machines, frame structures, and bulky goods.
RL2 and RL4 Rotating Dollies offering a 360-degree swivel and a wide range of load capacity to easily and safely manage big loads in tight spaces.

The F3 features a standard use three-point-system in combination with the steerable dolly L3. With the 4.3-inch (110 millimeter) loading height, the F3 transport dolly is interchangeable with L Dollies, including the L6, L9, L12 and L18, featuring swivel top and tow eye features for safe front steering support.

With the adjustable width, the F3 can accommodate loads of up to 6,000 pounds (3 metric tons) when used independently. When used with the L series or other tandem or rotating dollies, the F3 can manage up to 13,200 pounds (6 metric tons) safely and securely.

Item No. 10206-2
Load Capacity  6,600 lbs. 3 Tons
Loading Height  4.3"
Roller Amount /Size  4/ 3.3" x 3.3"
Compact Surface per Cassette  5.9" x 5.9"
Connecting Bar, Adjustable  11.8-39.4"
Weight  31 lbs.
Total Load Capacity per Set   F3 + L3 13,200 lbs. 6 Tons 

GKS-Perfekt L3 Transport Dolly - 10207-2

The GKS Perfekt L3 Transport Dolly serves as part of a three-point moving system for the effortless moving of heavy loads in manufacturing facilities, shops and warehouses. Our L dollies feature a swivel top and tow eye for safe front-steering support. Its small size enables use in tight spaces while still transporting loads up to 6,600 lbs (3 metric tons).

Maneuvering heavy loads around tight corners and spaces can be challenging without the right equipment. Designed for ease of steering and movement, the L3 transport dolly delivers the load control you need.
To help you easily move large loads through your facility, the L3 has a loading height of 4.3”/110 mm, which keeps loads close to the ground for a safe, low center of gravity, and greater head clearance.
Special rollers on the L3 dolly provide low resistance and high stability, without leaving your floors marked and scuffed.

Item No. 10207-2
Load Capacity 6,600 lbs 3 Tons
Swivel Plate/Steering Angle Ø 6.7" ±90º
Loading Height 4.3"
Roller Amount/ Size 4/ 3.3" x 3.3"
Steering Handlebar 37.4"
Dimensions LxW 10.6" x 9.1"
Weight 29 lbs.
Total Load Capacity per Set F3 + L3: 13,200 lbs. 6 Tons
GKS-Perfekt F3 & L3 Transport Dollies

GKS-Perfekt F3 & L3 Transport Dollies

GKS-Perfekt F3 & L3 Transport Dollies