Hutchins "Hustler" Straightline Sander - HUT2000

Brand:   Hutchins
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Straightline, Reciprocal Action. The only 2-Cylinder, common piston Straightline with vertically-engaged, twin-drive gears. Lack of "rolling gears" common to all other straightlines eliminates "humping and jumping" at the end of each reciprocal stroke. Two in-line Cylinders, micro-honed to eliminate cylinder-wall drag, power an oversized high-alloy piston. Double rack and pinion gear assemblies give twice normal gear contact for maximum balance and thrust. These precision assembled components make the HUSTLER a superb all-purpose straightline with sychronized strokes so smooth and powerful it gets lighter with use.


SPM: 3000

Wt: 6lbs. 4oz.

Air Consumption: 6.2 cfm @ 90PSI

Noise Level: 90 dBa

90 Day Warranty

Pad size: 2-3/4" x 16-1/2"

Hutchins "Hustler" Straightline Sander - HUT2000

Hutchins "Hustler" Straightline Sander - HUT2000

Hutchins "Hustler" Straightline Sander - HUT2000