Industrial Press Programmable Automation Technologies - 3346-7

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500 pages, Illustrated
Published: June, 2010


Divided into four parts, Programmable Automation focuses on programmable automation technologies used in industry. Comprehensive yet concise, this unique textbook provides a solid foundation of analytical techniques to justify automation and the knowledge and instruction of how to program computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment, industrial robots and programmable logic controllers (PLC). Through a very practical approach, readers will learn specific programming languages related to each technology including G code and ladder logic. And it is sure to be found useful by electrical, industrial, mechanical and/or manufacturing engineering technology undergraduate students, in addition to anyone in industry interested in learning about programmable automation and developing the corresponding programming skills.


Each chapter begins with an overview of chapter material with emphasis on desired outcomes and concludes with a summary, questions, and problems where appropriate.
Presents explicit skills and methodologies to aid in the programming process.
Features a good use of examples with numerous illustrations.
Uses computer simulation and actual lab equipment extensively in learning activities.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Programmable Automation
Introduction to Programmable Automation
The Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Performance Measures
Benefits of Automation
Automation Strategies

Automation Justification and Productivity Concepts

Automation Justification and Productivity
Productivity Calculations
Process Outputs and Mathematical Concepts for Quantifying Production
Process Inputs and Manufacturing Costs
Comparing Alternatives with Productivity Calculations
The Impact of Production Volume on Alternatives
Productivity and the USA Principle

Introduction to Computer Numerical

Introduction to CNC Technology
CNC System Components
Coordinate Systems and Reference Points
The Ten Steps of CNC Programming
Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC Technology
When to Use CNC Technology

CNC Programming

Overview of CNC Programming
Program Code
Cutting Parameters
Program Organization
Programming Process
Turning Programs

CNC Simulation Software

Overview of CNC Simulation Software
Installation and Setup of CNCSimulator®
User Interface
Simulation Examples

Introduction to Robotic Technology

Industrial Robotics
Robot Hardware
Robot Applications
Robot Safety
Robot Selection Considerations

Robot Programming

Robot Programming Concepts
Programming Methods
Robot Programming Languagues
Robot Program Development, Organization and Structure
Writing Robot Program of Instructions
Robot Simulation
Robot Program Simulation Example

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Progammable Logic Control Overview
Industrial Process Control
PLC Terminology
PLC Hardware Components
PLC Applications
Sensors and Actuators
Implementing Automation with PCLs

PLC Programming

Logic Control, Sequencing, and Ladder Logic Diagrams
Ladder Logic Terminology
Typical PLC Instruction Set
PLC Programming Process
PLC Program Simulation
PLC Programming Example

Automated Work Cells

Automated Workstations and Work Cells
Workstation and Work Cell Components
Automated Workstation and Work Cell Examples

Industrial Press Programmable Automation Technologies - 3346-7

Industrial Press Programmable Automation Technologies - 3346-7

Industrial Press Programmable Automation Technologies - 3346…