Kurt Dovelock 5 Axis Dove Tail Vise DT20

Brand:   Kurt Manufacturing Workholding Solutions
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Kurt Dovelock 5 Axis Dove Tail Vise DT20

Dovelock dove tail vise is a 5 axis workholding solution for today's aggressive machining needs. Manufactured for pre-hardened 4140 steel, the Dovelock maintains part rigidity and minimizes deflection or clamp creep when under high machining pressure. Deflection is reduced by the unique Kurt design which features the clamping screw location high up in the clamping envelope. Additionally, more anti-deflection control is achieved by the movable jaw slide which is retained within the stationary jaw.

Dovelock has a full 1/2" stroke, making part prep easier than other vises. An embedded locating pin keeps part location accurate when applying side load pressure.

Dovelock easily fits onto most any machine table with a pre-configured hole pattern. Also available is a riser base which can be easily stacked in multiples to achieve the desired clearance from the table.


  • 2.50" tall vise body
  • 1.250" thich riser base is easily stackable
  • Unique design reduces jaw deflection common in other vises
  • Easy part prep with 0.50" movable jaw stroke
  • Movable and stationary jaws are matched pairs
  • Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty.


Jaw Height 0.125"
Max. Opening 1.668"
Jaw Width 2.000"
Max. Clamp Force 4000 lbs.
Hex Size 0.312"
Overall Stroke 0.500"
Vise Height 2.500"
Base Diameter 4.470"
Base Height 1.250"
Weight 8 lbs.

Riser Base DT20-1 Specifications:

Riser Height 1.250"
Riser Diameter 4.47"
Weight 5 lbs.

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Kurt Dovelock 5 Axis Dove Tail Vise DT20

Kurt Dovelock 5 Axis Dove Tail Vise DT20

Kurt Dovelock 5 Axis Dove Tail Vise DT20