Mitutoyo MeasurLink®, Defect Analytics for Power BI - 64AAB857

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Mitutoyo MeasurLink®, Defect Analytics for Power BI - 64AAB857

The Mitutoyo MeasurLink® Real-Time SPC module, now integrated with Microsoft Power BI, elevates user-friendliness and data-driven decision-making to unprecedented levels. This solution is engineered to collect data directly from the manufacturing frontlines and transform it into actionable insights. The synergy between MeasurLink® and Power BI enables operators to swiftly detect trends, cycles, and non-conformance as they emerge.

Sporting a customizable user interface, this innovative integration offers multiple viewing options tailored to specific process requirements. From calipers, micrometers, indicators, CMMs, to vision systems, MeasurLink® Real-Time can couple with virtually any measuring instrument and metrology technology, with Power BI magnifying the depth and breadth of data analysis.

Serving as a cornerstone of Six Sigma initiatives, MeasurLink® calculates and tracks statistical metrics for each part measured, with Power BI amplifying the analytical capabilities. This real-time surveillance allows manufacturers to maintain strict quality control during production, effectively preventing costly defects.

The integration of MeasurLink® and Power BI provides the following enhanced features:

  • Real-time calculation and monitoring of statistical metrics for every part measured
  • Enhanced control over product quality during production with real-time monitoring
  • Capability to collect data for a single part or a million, with options to gather data by feature, part, or randomly
    Viewing of scanned blueprints and digital photographs at a glance
  • Comprehensive SPC capabilities offering user-friendly control charts, histograms, detailed statistics, assignable causes, corrective actions, and traceability
  • Real-time uncertainty chart that displays a band around the collected feature, providing users a visual representation of how the gage performance impacts measurement
  • Enhanced database backup & restore functionalities that support customer DRBC functionality or compliance initiatives without the need for the MSSQL Management Studio toolset
  • Leverage the combined prowess of MeasurLink® and Microsoft Power BI to unlock the full potential of your production and quality control data, fostering an unparalleled edge in optimizing your manufacturing processes.
Mitutoyo MeasurLink®, Defect Analytics for Power BI - 64AAB857

Mitutoyo MeasurLink®, Defect Analytics for Power BI - 64AAB857

Mitutoyo MeasurLink®, Defect Analytics for Power BI - 64AAB8…