Mitutoyo Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine HM-220 Type A - 64AAB307P

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Mitutoyo Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine
HM-220 Type A - 64AAB307P

TYPE A - Digital Hardness Tester

Equipped both with the latest optical system ideal for measuring the dimensions of indentation images and a test-force loading device that lets you set the desired The HM-200 series is ideal for quality control and mechanical characteristic evaluation using Vickers hardness testing of small areas.

Type A Features:

  • Touch-panel operation
  • Measurement of indentation dimensions using a measuring microscope
  • Positioning using a manual XY stage unit

Machine Features:

  • The electromagnetic force motor used in the loading mechanism enables the test force to be freely selected (see test force specifications) over the wide range of 0.4903mN to 19610mN (0.05gf to 2 kgf). It is also possible to freely set load dwell times. Now your desire for absolute control over the indentation size in Vickers hardness testing can be satisfied. The HM-200 series always offers the test force most appropriate for the specimen material and shape.

  • The long working distance objectives used enable a very comfortable working distance between the objective and the specimen surface. This, greatly reduces the possibility of collision between the specimen and the objective during focusing operations. (e.g. for 50X objectives: 1.1mm for conventional models, 2.5mm for HM-200 series)

  • Newly-designed ‘MH Plan’ objectives are optimized for measuring indentation images. The lineup includes 6 types of long working distance objectives: 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X for measuring indentation images, and 2X and 5X for enabling wide-range measurement around indentations.

  • LEDs, which have a longer life, produce less heat, consume less power and are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, are employed for the illumination system.

  • The motorized turret allows for up to 4 objective lenses and 2 indenter assemblies to be mounted at the same time.

Technical Data:

Test force range:
HM-210A: 9 steps + arbitrary test force
HM-220A: 19 steps + arbitrary test force
Load dwell time: 0 - 999s
Manual XY stage unit
Stage size: 100x100mm
Travel range: 25x25mm
with Digimatic in/mm micrometer heads
Resolution: 0.001mm
Max. specimen height: 133mm (Stage size: 25 x 25mm)
Max. specimen height: 121mm (Stage size: 50 x 50mm)
Max. specimen depth: 160mm (from the center of indenter)
Optical path: 4-port objectives switching system of Infinity-correction optical system
Resolution: 0.01μm (When using objectives of X40 or more)
Data output: Serial interface (RS-232),
Digimatic interface, USB 2.0
Power supply: 39VA 100-125/220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions: (W x D x H): 315x671x595mm
Mass: 43kg


Model No. HM-220 Type A
Part No. 64AAB307P
Main Unit No. 810-405
Fixed test force (mN) 0.4903, 0.9807, 1.961, 2.942, 4.903, 9.807, 19.61, 29.42, 49.03, 98.07,
196.1, 294.2, 490.3, 980.7, 1961, 2942, 4903, 9807, 19610 (0.05 gf-2kgf)
Arbitrary test force < 1 gf in .1 gf increments,
≤100 gf in 1 gram increments,
> 100gf in 10 gram increments
Test force control Force generation by electromagnetic and automatic control (load, dwell, unload)
Control unit Color LCD Touch Screen
Loading Rate 60µ/ sec
Load Dwell Time 0-999 sec
Indenter Vickers
Objective Lens 10x, 20x, 50x
Objective turret Motor driven and manual operation
Filar Eye Piece Dual Line, 10X, .01µ min

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Mitutoyo Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine HM-220 Type A - 64AAB307P

Mitutoyo Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine HM-220 Type A - 64AAB307P

Mitutoyo Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machine HM-220 Type …