SPI Toolmakers Microscope - 12-503-9

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SPI Toolmaker's Microscope 

Toolmakers Microscope

30X lens (15X eyepiece lens and 2X objective lens).

90° broken crosshair reticle.

67 mm working distance.

Crossed roller bearings and keyway stage construction ensure a true linear traverse in X and Y axis.

Large dovetail assures 2 axis squareness in relation to the stage surface.

The eyepiece protractor is graduated in 1°.

The eyepiece and angle can be measured in 6 minutes

Measuring Heads:

Range: 1"

Functions: Bidirectional graduation for versatile measurement.

Provided with non-rotation spindle tip.

Floating timble allows zero setting at any spindle position.


Graduation: Micrometer head: 0.0001" (0.00254 mm)

Angle dial: 10

Vernier: 6'

XY Stage: Feeding Range: With gauge block:

 50 mm x 50 mm (2" x 2")

Eyepiece: Magnification: 15X

Field Number: 13

Objective: Magnification: 2X

Working Distance: 67 mm


Micrometer Head: 2

Spare Bulb: 1

Spare Fuse: 1

Power Cord: 1

Grounding Wire: 1

User's Manual: 1

Steel Gage Blocks: 2

SPI Toolmakers Microscope - 12-503-9

SPI Toolmakers Microscope - 12-503-9

SPI Toolmakers Microscope - 12-503-9