TMX CAT40 End Mill Holders

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TMX CAT40 End Mill Holders


  • Flange Screws: M4 x .7 x 4mm long = 8-815-180
  • Balanced and certified to 15,000 RPM/G6.3
  • TMX DIN AD/B design as standard. AD is coolant through the spindle; B is coolant through the flange
  • Will accommodate single and double ended end mills
  • Low harmonic vibration increases tool life and improves surface finish
  • Machined and shot blast exterior for surface integrity

Dimensional Information:

  • AT3 taper accuracy for excellent holder / spindle engagement
  • Draw bar thread for CAT 40 = 5/8”–11
  • ANSI B5.50-1994
  • H5 inside diameter tolerance
  • Maximum run out is .0002”(.005mm) TIR for concentric machining



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TMX CAT40 End Mill Holders

TMX CAT40 End Mill Holders

TMX CAT40 End Mill Holders