Harig Grind-All No. 1
Harig Grind-All No. 1

Harig's benchmark precision v-block fixture has improved toolroom productivity since 1951. The original patent holder, copied but never duplicated, is the most accurate indexer of its kind available today. Time tested for high precision work within "tenths," the Grind-All No. 1 sets the standard for grinding punches, core pins, and EDM electrodes. Also used for precision indexing, inspecting, milling, boring, and radius dressing. Complete line of accessories increase applications and make the Grind-All No. 1 the most versatile v-block fixture ever. Over 20,000 units in action worldwide. When accuracy is of the utmost importance, the Grind-All No. 1 enables you to work with close tolerances. Reliability backed by Harig's trademark service.

  • Hardened and ground tool steel with solid one piece construction.
  • Preloaded ball and race design provides highest accuracy.
  • V-Block adjusting screw allows for quick movement of v-block to +/- 0.0001 without tapping.
  • Single screw for fast locking of v-block.
  • 360 degree graduated dial for convenience.
  • 24 division index plate with precision index pin locks in every 15 degrees to +/- 10 seconds.
  • 2 adjustable stops work with stop pin to set accurate angles between index locations.
  • U-Clamp and screw secure piece part in v-block.
  • Removable v-block for accurate face-plate work.
  • Narrow profile maximizes work area under grinding wheel.
  • Mounting holes on base of unit for use with Harig accessories.
  • Lightest fixture of its kind for easy handling
  • Includes carrying case for protective dust-free storage.
  • Full repair service and replacement parts available.
    Qty. Product # Description Price
    010-100 Harig Grind-All No. 1 $2,250.00
    015-100 Harig Base Plate&Tail Stock (11" with Rail) $1,075.00
    016-100 Harig Base Plate & Tail Stock 18" with Rail $1,490.00
    055-100 Harig Sine Plate 4"x6" Single Sine $815.00
    075-100 Harig Rectangular Jaw $160.00
    085-100 Harig Height Angle Plate $650.00
    10-40 Magnetic Chuck 4" diam. $1,187.50
    10-52 Harig Radius Arm $150.00
    10-55 Harig Ball Seat Punch Adaptor $320.00
    10-56 Harig Nib for Ball Seat Punch Adaptor 1/4" $60.00
    10-57 Harig Nib for Ball Seat Punch Adaptor 5/16" $62.00
    10-58 Harig Nib for Ball Seat Punch Adaptor 3/8" $66.00
    10-59 Harig Nib for Ball Seat Punch Adaptor 1/2" $69.00
    10-60 Harig Nib for Ball Seat Punch Adaptor 3/4" $72.00
    10-70 Harig Moto-Grind w/motor,base plate,belt & case $950.00
    10-90 Harig Face Plate 6" diam. $190.00
    10-95 Harig Length Stop for Multiple Piece Parts $190.00
    135-100 Harig Steady Rest w/Mag Base $125.00


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