Cutting Tools

Metal Cutting Tools for Machining and Shaping Parts

Metal cutting tools are essential for any construction site. From the early stages of a project to final installation, metal cutters can be used to create small pieces like nuts and bolts or more complex shapes like window panels.

Machine tool cutters are broken down into three types: single point, multi-point, and abrasive. Single point cutting tools do just that. There is a single point of contact such as when a bandsaw cuts into a part.

A multi-point cutting tool uses multiple surfaces to make a cut. When you examine a drill bit or a reamer, for instance, you can actually see that the spiral has multiple points, or flutes. When turned in a machine, the cutting tool will contact the part in many different points.

Abrasive cutting tools cut with the friction of high-speed spinning, such as with a bench grinder. As the wheel rubs against the part, the material gets worn away.

Hand-Held Metal Cutting Tools

When it comes to cutting metal, there are a number of tools that you can use. To maximize your efficiency when looking for the perfect tool for your project, bench work cutting tools can be further organized by categories based on application and design.

Counterbores and Countersinks

You can expand the opening of a hole with our counterbores and our countersinks. They produce flat-bottom and conical cavities, respectively, to permit a screw to fit flush in the hole.

Cutters and Drills

With our metal cutters, you can cut everything from rebar to gaskets to tubing. Alternatively, if you need to drill, you can find grinding attachments, drill indexes, and quick-change drivers.

Milling Cutters

Our milling cutters are efficient, easy to use, and durable. In fact, we’ve built our reputation as industry leaders by offering customers only the most reliable milling cutter tools for sale.

Saws and Blades

If you need a more conventional cutting tool, this is the category you’re looking for. From precision knife pens and utility knives to high-tension hacksaws and jeweler’s saw blades, we have what you need in saws and blades.

Find the Most Durable Metal Cutting Tools at Penn Tool Co.

Small metal cutting tools are essential for machining and shaping parts. Without these tools, the metalworking industry would be virtually nonexistent.

In fact, Warren Buffett, one of the smartest investors of our time, purchased a cutting tool company in 2006. Cutting tools are so important to manufacturing in the United States that the business became one of the largest investments in Buffett’s portfolio.

Simply put, cutting tools are no joke. They are some of the most valuable tools that are available to manufacturers today. However, because they are valuable, you deserve a supplier that’s reliable and knowledgeable.

At Penn Tool Co., we’re as passionate about machine tooling as we are experienced. We love any opportunity to put the perfect tools into the right hands. If you want to know more about our high-quality and durable machine cutting tools, reach out to our team today.