Cutting Tools

Metal Cutting Tools

Our steel cutting tools for sale are essential for machining and shaping parts. Without these tools, the metalworking industry would be virtually nonexistent. One of the smartest investors of our time, Warren Buffett, even had the foresight to purchase a cutting tool company in 2006 knowing how important cutting tools are to manufacturing in the United States. That company has become one of the largest investments in his portfolio. I think this tells you that cutting tools are no joke. They are some of the most valuable tools that manufacturing can use in this day in age to create parts.

A simple cutting tool could be a saw that you hold in your hand to the more complex carbide tipped reamers. Metal work cutting tools are broken down into three very distinct types that are single point, multi point, and abrasive. Single point cutting tools do just that. There is a single point of contact such as when a bandsaw cuts into a part. When the cutting tools uses multiple surfaces to make a cut that is referred to as a multi-point cutting tool. When you examine a drill bit or a reamer for instance, you can actually see the spiral has multiple points or flutes. When turned in a machine, the cutting tool will contact the part in many different points. Abrasive cutting tools perform just as the name sounds. It is just another form of cutting tool featuring high-speed spinning, such as in a bench grinder—the wheel rubs against the part and removes material that way.

The best cutting tools come in multiple forms, such as holemaking, indexable, milling, threading, boring, reaming, and turning tools. Penn Tool Co. carries an enormous variety of steel cutting tools for sale. From countersinks, end mills, shell mills, metal machining bits, boring bars, slitting saws, broaches, drills, knurling tools, taps, trepanning tools, slotting saws, reamers, tool bit holders, indexable inserts, and band saw blades. There are almost too many different kinds to mention. Penn Tool Co. carries tools from the top manufacturers throughout the world, including TMX Cutting Tools, Micro 100, YG-1, Keo, Noga, Shaviv, Bison, SPI, Tapmatic, Aloris, and many more. There are sure to be plenty of metal cutting tools in our product list that will help you with all your metalworking needs.