Hand Tools


High Quality Hand Tools from Penn Tool Co.

Hand tools are essential for completing many projects around the home. They can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks, from installing a door handle to adding trim work on windows and doors.

Hand tools come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to know what type of hand tool best suits your needs. Understanding how different hand tools work will also help you to use them more efficiently.

Whether you’re a professional, a novice, or just looking to save some money on your next project, you should have these tools in your toolbox. They’re used often by homeowners around the world on a diverse range of projects, and they will help you reach your home improvement goals.

Signature Hand Tools

Our first-class, heavy-duty, and affordable hand tools provide the support you need – when you need it. Get your project finished with our hammers and mallets, locking pliers, scrapers, screwdrivers, pliers, and more.

Hammers and Mallets

This Starrett Toolmakers’ Hammer features a built-in magnifying lens to make spotting and punching centerlines and intersections faster, easier, and more accurate. With an SPI Drawbar Hammer you’ll never have trouble loosening drawbar again.

Pliers and Wrenches

These Wiha Industrial Wire Stripping Pliers are highly effective and feature ergonomic grips with molded slip guards for added protection. The perfect option for filling out one’s toolshed, this 8-piece Wiha Precision Slotted and Phillips Screwdrivers Set includes 6.3”, long-nosed pliers and seven assorted, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers.

Saws, Shears, and Utility Knives

A Wiss M3R MetalMaster Shear is perfect for cutting low carb, cold rolled steel in straight lines and slight curves. Alternatively, this General Utility Knife with Slide Lock is a vital tool for a variety of projects. It’s ideal for cutting carpet, linoleum, wallboard, cardboard, and many other materials.

Scribers, Scrapers, and Screwdrivers

Keep this Lutz Ratchet Screwdriver in your toolbox to guarantee you’re prepared for fifteen common sizes of screw, including Phillips and Torx®. With this Chemical Etching Pen, you can record notes and measurements on brass, copper, iron, lead, nickel, stainless steel, and tin. Meanwhile, this All-Purpose Scraper by GEARWRENCH is perfect for removing stickers, labels, and paint from glass.

Find Top Quality Hand Tools at Penn Tool Co.

When outfitting your workspace, filling your toolbox, or starting a project, you have to be confident you’re choosing the right tools to suit your specific needs. At Penn Tool Co., we understand that you have an abundance of choice for your hand tools.

Our products are made from high-quality materials that are designed to provide you with long-lasting solutions. Our online ordering system is user-friendly and will help you to get your orders faster.

From top-quality hand tools used at home, to our impressive selection of hand tools used for repairing automotive vehicles, Penn Tool Co. has you covered. If you want to know more about the best hand tools for your next do-it-yourself project, reach out to our team today.