Abrasive Products


Abrasives are an important part of metalworking manufacturing and the finishing of a metal product.  The process of using an abrasive in metalworking involves rubbing the part with the abrasive material.  The abrasive is harder than the part being worked on.  The friction made between the abrasive material and the workpiece shapes the part to the desired form.  Abrasives are usually classified into two categories which are natural and synthetic.  Natural abrasives are mined from the earth while synthetic abrasives are manufactured.  Natural abrasives at one time were considered the better choice for quality and reliability.  However as technology has advanced, there are some very good synthetic abrasives.  Penn Tool Co carries both natural and synthetic abrasives for any of your metalworking needs.  This includes abrasive belts, abrasive discs, abrasive dressing tools, abrasive stones, abrasive rolls, rubberized abrasives, abrasive wheels, abrasive wire wheels, and many other common abrasives used in metalworking.  Penn Tool also carries many of the abrasive equipment such as sandblasting cabinets and hand held sandblasting tools.  We are sure that you will find some of the best abrasives for your metalworking needs at Penn Tool Co.