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Tapes and adhesives are some of the oldest, yet most important aspects of any home repair or construction job. Having access to quality tapes and adhesives can not only keep your machinery running in a pinch, but it also makes sure that any job that you tackle is done the right way.

What are the Most Common Types of Industrial Adhesives?

Caulk and Sealants

Caulk and industrial sealants should be used in multiple types of projects, ranging from plumbing to doors and windows. When you install a new door or window in a residential or commercial property, it’s vital that you apply a quality caulk or sealant to keep air inside the building while also keeping the elements on the outside.

Sealants and caulks also play a pivotal role during plumbing installation and repairs. Applying caulk correctly to tile surfaces prevents water from getting under the tiles. Sealants should also be used around tubs, showers, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures.

Glue and Epoxy

Different types of industrial glues and epoxy can be used in a variety of construction and machinery projects. Depending on the type of glue that you use, you can repair breaks or disconnections in any number of items ranging from plastics to pieces of wood.

Epoxy not only serves to adhere different materials together, but it also creates a new surface around where a break or fracture has occurred. Thanks to its chemical makeup, epoxy is a fast-drying, quick-setting substance that can repair anything from fiberglass to porcelain.

What are the Most Common Types of Industrial Tape?

Duct Tape

You’ve probably heard it said that anything can be fixed with duct tape. While duct tape adhesive is incredibly powerful and can be used to hold virtually any type of materials together in a pinch, its primary use is found in air ducts, which is why it’s called duct tape.

Over time, the ductwork in your home can become damaged by any number of materials, or even animals that get under your house. In those cases, duct tape can be used to patch the holes. It is also used when installing new ductwork as a means to hold different pieces of ductwork together.

Electrical Tape

When an electrical connection becomes damaged, especially in a power tool, electrical tape can help safely restore function. For instance, no matter how careful you are, you may accidentally sever the power cord attached to a power saw. In those moments, you can reconnect the severed pieces of wire while wrapping the area in electrical tape to keep the tool operating correctly.

Double Sided/Mounting Tape

Double sided tape, also referred to as mounting tape is designed to affix an item to a surface. This is helpful, not only when you’re trying to mount something to a wall, but also when you want to affix a piece of machinery to a flat surface so you can use it safely and effectively.

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