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Metal Lathes

Lathes - "The Mother Of All Machine Tools"

One of most common machines that are found in almost any machine shop or manufacturing facility is the Lathe.  Believe it or not the Lathe dates back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt.  During this period of time the lathes were powered by people and not motors like they are today.  Powering lathes gradually transitioned from people power, to steam engines, to electric power motors where they currently are today.  The simplest description of how a lathe works is to spin a part at a high rate of speed and use cutting tools to remove material from the object.  There are so many things that are made with lathes, you have to wonder where we would be if these incredible machines were not invented?  Almost everything that you know of that is made of metal, has at one point been designed at least in a small way on a lathe.  That is why the lathe is considered the "mother of all machine tools."

The amount of things possible on a lathe is endless.  Aside from shaping a part a lathe can assist with drilling, milling, and grinding.  Throughout the country lathes can be found in schools, machine shops, factories, or anywhere parts are being made.  It is such a functional machine that a lathe is a "must have" for anyone serious about manufacturing.  At Penn Tool Co., we have the best lathes from the top manufactures throughout the world.  Penn Tool Co., is the place to go If you are looking for a Metal Lathe, Engine Lathe, Toolroom Lathe, Threading Lathe, Bench Top Lathe, Gap Bend Lathe, Geared Head Lathe, Speed Lathe, Twister Lathe, or Variable Speed Lathe.  We can find a lathe that fits your application and is within your budget.

Brands of lathes carried at Penn Tool Co., include Birmingham, GMC Lathe, Clausing, Jet, Baileigh Industrial, Acra, Acer, South Bend, Shop Fox, Twister, and Crozier just to name a few.  If you are the market for a lathe, please contact one of our Lathe Specialists at Penn Tool Co., and we would be happy to suggest the perfect lathe for what your are trying to accomplish.

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