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Optical Inspection Equipments


Optical Inspection Equipment

In manufacturing of metal products it is extremely important you are able to see very clearly the object you are working on.  Something as simple as a magnifying glass or complex as a optical comparator are used regularly in the manufacturing of metal products.  The human eye can only take you so far and sometimes what is needed is optical inspection equipment to help see the object in the clearest form.  There are also some applications where an object is in a hard to reach place.  In that case, a Borescope can be extremely handy in being able to see in places you couldn't possible get to without optical inspection equipment.  Penn Tool Co., sells some of the best machinist Microscopes by Mitutoyo, Bausch & Lomb, Carson, Titan Microscope, SPI, and Mahr Federal.  If there is a part that you need to inspect you can be sure Penn Tool Co., has the Optical Inspection Tools that you need to perform your task and get the job done

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