Established in 1968 Penn Tool Co., started out as a small hardware store on Market Street in Newark NJ. Back then there was plenty of business in that section of NJ, which served many of the manufacturing companies located there at the time. As time changed the industry slowly left town and Penn Tool Co., also changed the way it did business and the type of tooling that was sold. Rather than depend on walk in traffic over the counter, Penn Tool Co., moved out of that area of NJ and relocated in Maplewood NJ. The focus was now on producing a paper catalog listing the product lines sold and sending it out by mail all over the United States. This greatly opened up the product line and also increased the customer base tremendously.

Precision Measuring Tools were listed in the catalog from the best in the industry like Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Fowler High Precision, SPI Swiss Precision Instruments, Interapid, Starrett, Flexbar, Mahr Federal, igaging, Asimeto, Meyer Gage Company, and many more. Being that Penn Tool Co., was now more of a catalog company rather than a traditional brick and mortar store it was now able to really expand the product line to include basically anything that the Metalworking Industry could need for manufacturing. Machinery such as Lathes and Milling Machines could now be sold and sent anywhere in the country. Penn Tool Co., lists many of the top machinery for Metal Manufacturing like Birmingham Machinery, Baileigh Industrial, Acra Machinery Inc, Jet Tools, Rong Fu Machinery, Kalamazoo Industries, Scotchman Industries, Hydmech, Dake Machinery, Palmgren, Woodward Fab and many more.

Workholding Tools were listed by the top companies in that industry like Kurt Industrial Products, Suburban Tool, BISON-BIAL, Aloris Tool, Vertex Machinery Works, TMX Workholding Solutions, Noga Engineering, Accurate Mfg Products Group and Kant Twist Clamp. All of these tools need a place to be stored and the first choice for any machinist is Kennedy Manufacturing. Their Tool Storage Products are the best around and still manufactured in the United States. Something that is very rare these days. These Tool Boxes can be made to order and the customer can select the color from a list of over ten choices. It's most famous color and the one they are best known for is the Brown Wrinkle Color.

Penn Tool Co., today sells many advanced tooling for such as Renishaw Styli for touch probes. We are even carrying Motorola Two-Way Radios so large companies can communicate with each other throughout the manufacturing plant without picking up the phone. Penn Tool Co., sells a multitude of Industrial Tooling for Industrial Production. With over 250,000 products listed for sale on the website Penn Tool Co., will certainly have anything today's machinist will need to assist with any project big or small.