Kanetec Tesla Gauss Meter - TM-801EXP

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Kanetec Tesla Gauss Meter - TM-801EXP

The Tesla Meter is a practical, handy type Gauss meter having digital display that has been developed based on KANETEC’s long experience and achievements in the manufacture of magnetism-applied products. To satisfy the user’s needs, this meter has been designed for easy use by anyone by incorporating frequently used functions only. Measurement of residual magnetism in machined workpieces.

  • Measurement of magnetic flux density in magnetism-applied products.
  • Measurement of magnetic flux density of motors.
  • Measurement of properties of magnetic materials.
  • A wide measuring range from 0 to 3000 mT. (DC)
  • In addition to DC magnetic flux density, AC magnetic flux density can be measured.
  • The high resolution measuring mode ensures highly accurate measurement. (Resolution 0.01 mT = 0.1 G)
  • The use of sheet keys ensures high dustproof performance.
  • The auto power off function prevents useless consumption of the battery.
  • When the probe has been worn out, it can be replaced with a new one without troublesome calibration. (Optional)Wider measuring range
  • High resolution mode accuracy in measurement of DC magnetic flux density improved. Frequency covering range in measurement of AC magnetic flux density expanded. (40 ‒ 500 Hz)
  • Max. 160 hours of continuous operation and high-speed sampling Sampling speed in HOLD mode increased by 1.5 times. Continuous operation time by use of a battery improved by 20% (130 hours → 160 hours). 3-way power supply usable: battery, AC adapter and USB feed.
  • PC operation simpler and more useful
  • Digital output of measured data to PC by use of USB.
  • Measurement commands controllable from PC by use of USB. 
  • PC free sample software renewed completely.


Model TM-801EXP
Detecting Contents DC magnetic flux density,  Polarities (N ,S),  AC magnetic flux density 40 - 500 Hz.
Unit of Measurement mT/G Selection 1T = 10000G
Indication Range 0 ~ 1500 mT
Measuring Mode
Measuring Range
Analytical Ability
Indication Accuracy
Measuring Mode Measuring Range Analytical Ability Indication Accuracy
DC x 1 * 0 ~ 200.0 mT 0.1 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 3 digit)
200.1 ~ .3000.0 mT 1 mT ±(5% of rdg. +10 digit)
DC x 10 0 ~ 300.00 mT 0.01 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 5digit)
AC x 1 * 0 ~ 150.0 mT 0.1 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 20 digit)
150.1 ~ 300.0 mT 1 mT
AC x 10 0 ~ 75.0 mT 0.01 mT
Function Zero reset Polarity indication
Max detect value hold Auto power off (can be canceled)
Display LCD
Mode Detect value Numeric value (digital)
Polarity Alphabets (N/S)
Operating Temperature 0‒+40°C(104°F)
Power Source Battery: Size AA (1.5 V)×4 pieces, External power source 5 ‒ 6 VDC (AC adapter/USB feed)

Digital output (USB) / Analog output

Dimension Height 140mm (5.51") x Width 64mm (2.51") x Thickness 30 mm (1.18")
Mass Approx. 250 g/ 0.55 lb (including batteries and probe)
Accessories Probe, battenes and carrying case
Option Axial probe (TM-801 AXL), Reference magnetic field (TM-SMF, TM-AMF)


*The measuring ranges are automatically selected.
(Note) This product does not correspond to electromagnetic wave measurement.

Reference Magnetic Field for TESLA METER:


  • Daily Check of the Tesla meter
  • Calibration of the Tesla meter


  • The closed circuit construction employing a permanent magnet that causes less magnetic force leak
  • Small and light weight
  • Usable with Kanetec TM-201 and above

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Kanetec Tesla Gauss Meter - TM-801EXP

Kanetec Tesla Gauss Meter - TM-801EXP

Kanetec Tesla Gauss Meter - TM-801EXP