Precise Cal-X-Tenders

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Precise Caliper Extenders

Converts Your 6" Caliper Into A Large Measuring Device

Ever wonder if you could take a regular caliper and extend the length to a range that would have cost you thousands of dollars if you bought it as a stand alone long range caliper? Now you can with the Cal-X-Tender.  Take your regular 6" caliper and make it a long range caliper in minutes.  No more bulky calipers taking up room in your shop.  Now simply and quickly convert your 6" caliper and make it from 26" to 91" in length!  Think of all the money and time you can save with this ingenious device?  Why purchase expensive enormously sized calipers for jobs that you probably will only use a few times?  With the Caliper Extender you can be sure to save time and most of all money.

Cal-X-Tender readily attaches to your caliper (two set screws and 2 clamp screws) In no way detrimental to your caliper which may be quickly removed or left assembled as a permanent measuring device.
A six inch calibration rod is supplied so that exact calibration is assured.

A unique Caliper accessory that extends the range of your 6” Caliper up to 91”!  Allows both inside and outside measurements of up to 51" with your 6" Dial, Vernier, or Digital Caliper. These Extender Kits allow you to perform measuring operations without the expense of purchasing a stand alone Caliper, which could  cost thousands of dollars! For the occasional measuring situation, these Kits provide the answer at a reasonable cost!  Extension bars are manufactured from high grade Aluminum, and Black Anodized with white numerals for clarity and protection. The 91” model is clear anodized, with white numerals.  All mounting hardware and calibration rods are included.

Made in the USA.

Complete instructions accompany this easy to use kit. Choose the model that fits the range of measurements you need. 

Complete Accessory Kit CXT-005 contains: CXT-001, CXT-002, CXT-003 & CXT-004

Precise Cal-X-Tenders

Precise Cal-X-Tenders

Precise Cal-X-Tenders