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Machine Tools


Penn Tool Co., supplies The Best Machine Tools

Machines Tools are comprised of a variety of different devices used to shape, cut, grind, shear, form, and basically shape metal into a desired part.  This is accomplished by the removing of metal chips in the workpiece.  They can be operated manually, powered electronically, pneumatically, or hydraulically.  The original Machine Tools were actually bow drills and potters wheels that date back to Egypt around 2500 BC.  They were very primitive versions, but around the late Middle Ages, the machine tool started to take more advanced turns into what they are most known for today.  As early as the 1930's The National Bureau of Economic Research defined Machine Tools as "any machine operating by method other than hands which works on metal."  This is what really separates them from small hand tools such as hammers and screwdrivers. 

Some of the most common and best machine tools that you would find in any typical machine shop are lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill presses, saws, sanders, bevelers, presses, deburring and polishing machines.   The primary function of a machine tool is to cut or shape metal, wood, or other materials.  The size of the object that machine tools can work on can vary from large workpieces to objects that are as small as a fraction of a millimeter.  Machine Tools can be anything from the rather simple lathe to highly complex Machining Centers.  These complex Machine Centers use CNC controls where Milling and Drilling occur with automatic toolchangers and tables that clamps the workpiece in a fixed position.

For Machine Tools to work properly it is very important that material being worked on is held firmly in place by some sort of work-holding device.  By the object being held in a fixed position the operator of the machine tool can accurately control the depth of the cut.  Penn Tool Co., has been supplying metalworkers and machinist with an enormous variety of Machine Tools and has an extensive variety of them listed for sale on its website and catalogs.

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