Belt Grinders & Sanders

Industrial Belt Sanders and Grinders

Industrial belt grinders and sanders are an essential part of the manufacturing industry. They simplify operations in a wide variety of applications, such as finishing, deburring, edge blending, and more!

These versatile tools are used in many different industrial settings, including factories, machine shops, garages, and more. They’re used to produce some of the most important parts for various types of machinery, such as cars, planes, ships, trains, and even consumer electronics.

Overall, having commercial belt sanders and grinders on hand will make it easier and quicker to complete your next project. Browse our wide assortment of industrial belt sanders for sale below.

Belt Grinders and Sanders for Industrial Applications

When it comes to smoothing out large, flat surfaces, nothing beats industrial belt sanders from Penn Tool Co. These heavy-duty power tools boast an electric motor to shape and finish wood and other materials. The result is a smooth, beautiful finished product.

To avoid serious injury and to achieve the best results, it’s vital to ensure an individual is fully trained before they operate one of these machines.

Belt Grinders

This JET Bench Belt Grinder removes material and finishes at the same time, and is ideal for odd shapes and angles. Meanwhile, this JET Square Wheel Belt Grinder features an innovative design to achieve a long, flat grinding surface.

If you need to conserve space, this Baileigh Belt Grinder BG248 is a compact and economical belt grinder that fits perfectly in any shop or garage. Alternatively, the Baileigh Belt Grinder BG679 empowers you to grind a large area quickly and efficiently.

Industrial Sanders

This Kalamazoo 1 inch Belt Sander is one serious, heavy-duty belt sander. It boasts a ⅓ horsepower (HP) motor for exceptional performance, and a belt safety guard for maximizing workplace safety. The Kalamazoo 2FS Belt Sander boasts similar power, and can be used vertically or horizontally for superior versatility.

To maximize efficiency, this Palmgren Combination Finishing Machine features a belt and a disc to grind, sand, finish, and polish a variety of materials. Alternatively, this Laguna Tools Spindle Sander is perfect for accomplishing the same on detailed or curved materials. Finally, this Kalamazoo Wet Abrasive Industrial Belt Sander boasts a beefed-up frame to boost your wet sanding operations.

Smooth Your Operations with an Industrial Sander or Grinder

Grinders and sanders come in many shapes and sizes in order to accommodate a wide range of industrial applications. Because of this diversity, a large number of the products that we rely on, rely on these machines.

Whether you need a bench belt grinder or something larger, we have the ideal products at Penn Tool Co. As experts in the industry, we’re proud to provide you with superior products. That’s why we carry brands you can rely on, like Baileigh, Jet, Kalamazoo, Laguna Tools, and more.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, passionate, and collaborative. For assistance picking out the perfect grinder or sander for smoothing out the processes in your shop, reach out to our team today.