Bandsaws, Horizontal & Vertical

Industrial Bandsaws: Horizontal and Vertical

Bandsaws are an essential piece of equipment in any manufacturing environment. They’re used to cut through metal, wood, and other materials. Bandsaws come in both horizontal and vertical models that each have their own benefits depending on the application.

The super thin and ultra sharp blade of a bandsaw moves at high speeds. This allows the machine to continuously make smooth cuts to a workpiece. Various detachable blades make the industrial metal bandsaw extremely versatile and able to cut shapes on many different materials.

At Penn Tool Co., we boast a diverse range of band saws that make short work of any project. No matter the size, you’re certain to find the perfect fit for your shop.

Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws for Industrial Applications

Horizontal and vertical bandsaws are important tools in manufacturing whose main function is to cut irregular shapes in various materials. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages that may make them more suitable for some applications over others.

Horizontal Band Saws

Industrial horizontal saws are a great addition to any machine shop. These saws are able to make quick work of cutting flat materials into specific shapes or sizes, which is why they’re so popular in manufacturing and other industrial settings.

A benchtop horizontal band saw, like the Dake SE-5X8 Benchtop Horizontal Bandsaw, is perfect for shops with sturdy worktables to support it. Some machinists may prefer to use a more portable rig, like the Baileigh Portable Metal Cutting Band Saw. For either operation, Penn Tool Co. has the reliable equipment you need.

Vertical Band Saws

Vertical saws also use fast-moving blades but they move vertically instead of horizontally across the work surface. These machines are often used for making straight or curved cuts in sheet metal or other thin sheets of metals like aluminum.

The Baileigh Woodworking Vertical Band Saw, for example, is vital piece of equipment for anyone who manufactures pieces made from wood. Alternatively, shops that need to work with wood and metal materials concurrently can turn to the Jet 14″ Metal/Wood Vertical Variable Speed Bandsaw.

Combination Horizontal/Vertical Band Saws

Speaking of versatility, there are several combination saws that combine the advantages of horizontal bandsaws with vertical saws. The Baileigh Horizontal & Vertical Mitering Bandsaw, for instance, is ideal for any shop where space is limited.

The JET HVBS-56 Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, similarly, provides the power of its 1/2HP UL motor without commanding much space. Better still, equipped with wheels for easy movement, it can be where you need it, when you want it, and out of your way when you need space.

Bandsaws for Sale at Penn Tool Co.

Looking for a new industrial metal bandsaw to complete your machine shop?

At Penn Tool Co., we have a great selection of horizontal and vertical bandsaws for sale. To help you get the job done effectively and efficiently, we carry a wide selection of products from the top brands. If you want to find the perfect vertical or horizontal band saw, or perhaps combination of the two, reach out to our team today.