Abrasive Cut-Off Saws & Chop Saws

Abrasive Cut-Off Saws and Chop Saws

Abrasive cut-off and chop saws are vital equipment for machine shops. At Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive selection of cutting tools for businesses of all sizes.

Find the best chop saws and cut-off saws for your shop, below.

What are Abrasive Cut-Off Saws?

An abrasive saw is a tool that can be used to cut through extremely tough materials. Also known as a cut-off saw or chop saw, you can easily cut through things like tile, concrete and different types of metal using abrasive disc.

Cut-off saws are a common tool that are used for all kinds of projects, both from a DIY perspective or professionally. This is a top selling item at Penn Tool Co., with only top-quality options available.

Industrial Abrasive Chop Saws from Penn Tool Co.

Penn Tool Co. has a large selection of industrial abrasive chop saws available, from different brands that have proven their reputability over the years. You can find equipment at different price points, providing you with access to the kind of abrasive chop saw that you need without having to settle. We offer stand-alone units as well as full table varieties.

Kalamazoo K7B Industrial Chop Saws

A top seller at Penn Tool Co., this K7B 7-inch abrasive chop saw, from American-based Kalamazoo Industries, is a compact unit that is extremely versatile. Powered off a 100-volt power source and using a 1 HP 1PH 110V TEFC motor, it even cuts through 1” solid mild steel with ease.

It also works on 2” pipe. It can also be used on other materials as well. Other features include a 1/2” wheel arbor, adjustable work length stop, and a screw vise. You can also equip your Kalamazoo K7B Industrial Chop Saws with a 7” abrasive cut off wheel.

Kalamazoo K26W Heavy-Duty Cutoff Saws

If you need something with a little more power, this Kalamazoo K26W Heavy-Duty Cutoff Saw can cut through almost all ferrous metals. This includes up to 7” for pipe, 5” solids, 8” shapes and 12” channels as long as you have the right abrasive wheel fitted on your unit.

Featuring a 20HP 3PH motor, 1″ spindle arbor and completely steel stand, this is a worthwhile investment that can take your work to the next level.

This specific cut-off saw is available in 440V as well.

The Kalamazoo K26W Heavy-Duty Cutoff Saw has a number of safety features, including a heavy-duty safety guard that has a 9″ x 16″ opening. You also receive an adjustable down stop, magnetic starter and a 4.5″ high cam vise.

To truly customize your cut off saw experience, you have the available option to utilize oscillation on the head of your saw, equip your saw with a wet tray with coolant pump, add a vacuum dust collector and more.

Find the Best Abrasive Cut Off Saws and Chop Saws at Penn Tool Co.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer a diverse range of tools and hardware for a variety of craftspeople and professionals.

Our goal is to ensure you’re able to achieve high quality results every time.

To find the best abrasive cut off saws and chop saws for your operations, reach out to our team today.