Fowler/Trimos 120"/3050mm Horizon Premium with Analog Measuring System - 54-196-320

Brand:   Fowler High Precision
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Fowler/Trimos 120"/3050mm Horizon Premium with Analog Measuring System - 54-196-320

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland the Fowler Labconcept Nano offers an ideal and performing platform for checking and calibration of all kinds of gages and measuring instruments. Checking of internal and external dimensions will be done as a fully automatic procedure by the three motorized axis XYZ and the legendary simplicity of use of the Trimos® WinDHI software.

The Fowler Trimos Horizon Premium Length Measuring and Setting Instrument fulfills today's requirements of high accuracy quality control equipment. New superior engineering ensures the best measuring results by easy manipulation. The new Horizon Measuring System offers a wide range of accessories to meet numerous measuring and setting applications. Ideal for setting large ID/OD gages, bar gages and swing gages, etc.


  • Meets all ISO 9000/2000 standards
  • A dimensionally stable instrument base, well designed mechanics and the use of a high precision measuring system guarantee optimal results.
  • Precision guide ways control the sliding, play-free movement of the measuring carriage using the hand wheel.
  • The locking and fine adjustment device of the measuring carriage allows a quick setting and checking of comparative measuring equipment. 
  • Adjustable measuring force, 2.7 lbs force with digital indication of force in Newtons facilitates the checking of thread gages.

Display unit and accessories:
1 Heidenhain ND287 display unit with non-linear error correction.
1 Location plate and adjustable support
1 Computer connect cable (9p)
1 External switch box and data transfer foot pedal
1 Display unit connection cable. The display unit is positioned on an adjustable support and fixed to the base of the instrument.

Analog system supplied with:

  • Basic instrument, includes two location supports with adjustable bolt pads and location plates for instrument leveling
  • Two standard anvils #54-196-321 with tungsten carbide tipped measuring surfaces
  • Resolution: 0.001″, 0.0001″, 0.00001″ (0.01, 0.001, 0.0001mm)
  • Repeatability (± 2s): 0.000008″/0.0002mm
  • Maximum Error: 0.7+L(mm)/1000
  • Measuring Force: 0-43 ounces/12N (adjustable) - Constant measuring force of the floating probe movement with digital indication
  • Displacement speed: 60″/sec. - 1.5 m/sec.
  • Fine Adjustment Range: 0.394″/10mm
  • Operational Temperature Limit: 10° —40°C
  • Operational Humidity Limit: 30—80%
  • Protective cover
  • Instruction manual
  • Test certificate and certificate of guarantee
  • Direct display of all length measurement values
  • Display of minimum and maximum hold values
  • Direct inch/metric conversion
  • Input and recall of preset values
  • Measuring using two references
  • Direct RS232 output
  • Connector for data transfer using a foot pedal
  • Weight: 616 lbs (279kg.)

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Fowler/Trimos 120"/3050mm Horizon Premium with Analog Measuring System - 54-196-320

Fowler/Trimos 120"/3050mm Horizon Premium with Analog Measuring System - 54-196-…

Fowler/Trimos 120"/3050mm Horizon Premium with Analog Measur…