Abanaki Oil Boss Oil Skimmer AC300-A - AB-OB

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Abanaki Oil Boss Oil Skimmer AC300-A

The patent pending Oil Boss leaves conventional oil skimmers in the dust.

Here's why:

  • The Oil Boss has no tubes, mops, disks or belts to wear out. The filtration media is easily washed out and reused.

  • The Oil Boss gets out of the way: using Magni-Cling™ technology it clings to the side of most metallic surfaces, hanging up and out of the way.

  • The Oil Boss brings your coolant to eye level. It also lifts the tramp oil so you no longer have to bend down to see if you are removing unwanted tramp oils.

  • The Oil Boss eliminates oil buckets on the shop floor: no need to risk tripping over coffee cans full of waste oil. The Oil Boss helps keeps your aisles and paths free of clutter by neatly containing tramp oils until you are ready to remove by opening the waste oil tap.

  • The Oil Boss oil skimmer picks up hard to remove oils conventional oil skimmers leave behind: if it's liquid and floats freely on cutting fluid, the unique Oil Boss surface sucker will remove it. This low profile suction float boasts a smaller foot print that allows it to fit in very tight sumps.

  • The Oil Boss is reversible. You can choose a position that prevents hoses from crossing the front of the unit and tangling up.

What else does it do?

The Oil Boss Oil Skimmer:

  • Helps make your coolant last longer and decreases down time
  • Decreases the sulfurous odors or “Monday morning” rotten egg smell that occurs when tramp oil smothers cutting fluids
  • Help prevents haze build up in the shop due to trap oil vaporization
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain, just drain it, lift it from the hooks of the Magni-Cling back plate and wash it in the slop sink
  • Save you money and pays for itself in no time.

How It Works: 

The Oil Boss clings to the side of the machine tool above the sump at approximately eye level. The small SurfaceSucker™ floats in the sump and draws in the top fluid layer. The coolant is pumped to the Oil Boss, where it passes through its special coalescing media causes the oil to separate from the coolant. The oil is held in the oil containment area, until the operator opens the disposal tap and drains the oil. The filtered fluid then travels into the clean chamber where is automatically pumped back to the sump.

Abanaki Oil Boss Oil Skimmer AC300-A - AB-OB

Abanaki Oil Boss Oil Skimmer AC300-A - AB-OB

Abanaki Oil Boss Oil Skimmer AC300-A - AB-OB