ACER "e" Series Bed Mill, 10" x 54" - E-1054B

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ACER "e" Series Bed Mill, 10" x 54" - E-1054B

ACER Milling Machine

The ACER "e" series is the complete mill for today's toolroom applications. Built to be the most accurate and reliable machine of its type, it is also extremely easy to use. Equipped with a manual quill and X & Y axes handwheels, the "e" series gives users the ability to use in manual, semi-CNC or full CNC mode.

The various brands of conversational controllers make programming easy so even one prototype part can be done effortlessly and efficiently.

Standard Accessories for the e-1054B Bed Mill:

  • Tool box with tools
  • CAT or BT #40 drawbar (NST optional)
  • Accordian way covers on Y & Z axis
  • Operation manual with parts manual
  • Leveling pads with screws


  • Column base is 600 mm (23.62") wide by 395 mm (15.55") deep
  • Head stroke deep at 625 mm (24.61")
  • Height under the spindle nose is 645 mm (25.4")
  • Double nut C5 Precision Ground Ballscrews
  • Hardenerd and ground slideways at 52 HRC
  • Saddle slideways are coated with Turcite-B
  • Saddle supporting width is 600 mm (23.62") - widest in its class!
  • Extra wide square slideways on Y and Z axes - 350 mm (13.78") & 390 mm (15.35") respectively
  • Servo drive on all three axes
  • Table top is 900 mm (35.43") from the ground. It is ergonomic for users to place parts and reduce the stress on their back
  • Solid head-housing moves up and down for Z axis operation provifing mass behind heavy cuts
  • Real handwheels so users may work manually
  • May run at single phase 230V
  • Inverter duty head that gives users programmable spindle speeds and the ability to tap. Users still retain the manual quill operation.
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Licensed Taiwanese Meehanite casting
  • Precision 7010 class 7 spindle bearing
  • Chromed ground quill
  • 5 HP inverter motor with fan cooling system that dissipates heat efficiently
  • Extra oilers to lubricate the hi / low components and to oil the quill
  • Precision Ground Guide line 0.005 / 500 mm (0.0002" / 20")
  • Grease fitting for lubricating bull gear
  • Hardened & Ground table top and bottom
  • Dish in coolant base
  • Accordian Type Way Covers
  • Automotive Painting Process
  • Balancing block counter-balances the head housing weight

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ACER "e" Series Bed Mill, 10" x 54" - E-1054B

ACER "e" Series Bed Mill, 10" x 54" - E-1054B

ACER "e" Series Bed Mill, 10" x 54" - E-1054B