ACER Flat Bed CNC Lathe, 21" x 80" - ATL-2180

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ACER Flat Bed CNC Lathe, 21" x 80" - ATL-2180

The Easiest Conversational NC lathe you can trust!


  • Rugged high grade alloy gears are hardened & ground by Reishauer to achieve for smooth, quiet and vibration-free running.
  • The main spindle is supported by selected taper roller bearings and preloaded roller bearing to ensure high running accuracy through full speed ranges. And this design also insures spindle’s high rigidity and concentricity.
  • Pressurized circular lubrication from separate electric pump and oil reservoir provides a constant flow to all gears and bearings which maintains excellent thermal stability.
  • Hot oil does not stay in headstock thus preventing thermal expansion and work piece intolerance.
  • Speed range selection is driven by an electric motor which automatically selects the range when control asks for the change.
  • The 5000 turn Nemicon encoder equipped on the secondary spindle shaft to provide the exact position of speed reading for spindle’s infinitely variable speed selection.
  • The four parallel V-belts assure drive in extremely stable, smooth running with minimum vibration.
  • Powerful frequency, efficient YASKAWA vector type inverter and main spindle motor meets international standards and is dynamically balanced with pulley to optimize torque and horsepower.

Bed and Carriage:

  • One piece machine base casting from 18" to 25" model is the solid & stable foundation for our lathe. Once it is attached to the precision ground bed with 14" wide bed ways, which was annealed to relieve stress and induction hardened to hardness HRC 52, the entire combination features outstanding structural rigidity and excellent vibration absorbing ability.
  • Dovetailed carriage and cross slides are both hardened and precision grounds. Saddle is laminated with Turcite-B and is scraped to maximizing matching surfaces. X, Z axis ball screws are supported by forced angular contact bearings to enable sensitive movement. One end is fixed and the other free end is supported by forced angular contact bearings or angular contact bearings.
  • Build-in electronic stops in X & Z axes eliminate the chance of over travels.
  • Front mount cutting turret and rear mount servo motor will eliminate the cantilever on the saddle. No more unbalancing and rocking of the saddle when heavy cutting!
  • Forced auto lubrication on X, Z axis ball screws, contacting surfaces and gibs ensures high resistance to wear and prolong life-span of the contacting parts.

CE Standard Electric Cabinet:

  • A complete sealed electric cabinet with power disconnect to prevent fluid or dust from entering.
  • Integrated electrical engineering with I/O plate and component set type evidence all control system’s performance and allow for easy trouble-shooting.
  • Top mounting resisters are heat dissipater that reduces heat build-up when user constantly forward and reverse the spindle.
  • Powerful top-and-down mounted fans use hot & cold air principle to reduce heat build-up in the electric cabinet.
  • Each electric component is placed under CE guideline and is quick and easy to maintain.
  • A top mount warning light displays three colors to indicate the state of the machine. Red means error within operation procedure; yellow displays when the job is finished; and green is showing machine is in the state of running. (Note: This applies only to Fagor controller; other controllers may have a different setting.)


  • Rigid construction and increased throat depth on tailstock with MT#5 taper quill. When applying with manual 4 way tool post, electric H4 or H8 turret, it allows for free cutting of long and heavy work pieces.
  • When performing manual drilling, the quill can be set to zero for easy drilling depth measurement.
  • Can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic quill to automatically travel forward and reverse.

Movable Manual Control Panel:

  • Providing convenient manual control for X, Z axis, the panel has two Manual Pulse Generators installed for minute axis increment.
  • Comprehensive, waterproof function keys and push buttons enhance operational convenience.

Full Enclosure Splash Guard:

  • Standard sized enclosure for model ATL 1860 to ATL 3360. All models with the same length will have the same sized cover enclosure. This design reduces parts inventory and also increase interchange ability between models.
  • A designed open-able door on rear splash guard and right side guard provide for X & Z axis, ensures easy axes maintenance and assembly adjustments.
  • Note: CE standard fully enclosed splash guard is an option upon request!


ACER Flat Bed CNC Lathe, 21" x 80" - ATL-2180

ACER Flat Bed CNC Lathe, 21" x 80" - ATL-2180

ACER Flat Bed CNC Lathe, 21" x 80" - ATL-2180