CRESS AE Furnace Single Chamber - AE1836DW

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CRESS AE Furnace Single Chamber - AE1836DW

Equipped with PM4

Uses: These furnaces are designed for heavy duty, larger volume jobs requiring controlled temperatures up to 2100°F continuous or 2250°F intermittent.

Controls: These furnace come standard with a digital programmable main control and a digital high limit safety control. Solid state power switching to the heating elements, and dual door limit safety switches that interrupt power to the elements when the door is opened.

Elements: High temperature alloy wire elements are mounted in porcelain plates on the walls and floor and in grooves in the brick door, this provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber. A ceramic hearth plate covers the floor element.

General Construction: Case is finished in a pleasing gray hammertone. The counter-weighted vertical rising door keeps the hotface away from theoperator, it opens easily, remains securely in both the open and close positions and includes a kaowool® rope seal. All walls and door are constructed of 4 1/2" of the finest quality insulating fire brick backed up by 2" of 1800°F block insulation. This combination of insulation and wall thickness helps to give fast heat up and excellent heat retention for economical operation.


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Model AE1836DW
Chamber Size
W x L x H
18" x 31" x 18"
Overall Size
W x L x H
36" x 62" x 70"
Maximum Intermittent
1250° F
Maximum Continuous
1200° F
KW Input 18
Weight 2050 lbs.

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CRESS AE Furnace Single Chamber - AE1836DW

CRESS AE Furnace Single Chamber - AE1836DW

CRESS AE Furnace Single Chamber - AE1836DW