Automotive Tools & Repair Parts

Automotive Tools & Repair Parts

Successful auto repairs require the correct parts and tools to do the job right. It is essential to have a complete set of common mechanic tools before starting any auto maintenance job. Task-specific tools are required for brake systems, suspensions, and specific engine systems.

Automotive Repair Tools & Equipment

Some maintenance and repair jobs are difficult or impossible to perform without specialized tools. Get the right tool and good parts at Penn Tool Co. before starting any auto repair.

Automotive Tune -Up Tools

Tune-ups are a breeze with the proper tune-up tools. Adjusting a carburetor is much easier with a throttle adjustment tool, for example. The flexible tool shaft can reach nearly any throttle adjustment screw. An assortment of bits makes this a multi-vehicle tool.

A piston ring installer and a ring compressor are required to rebuild pistons. Insert the ends of the ring in the installer and squeeze. The tool opens the ring so it can be slipped onto the piston body. Once all the rings are in place, the ring compressor tool centers and compresses the ring set under the piston head. Then, push the piston assembly through the tool into the cylinder.

Valve Spring Compressors

A valve job may require a valve spring compressor. In some cases, there are engine-specific spring compressors. However, a standard spring compressor will provide the necessary service in most cases.

If the job requires the removal of the crankshaft, a Harmonic Balancer Puller set may be required. This is a task-specific tool that will function on nearly any engine.

Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Supplies

Repair damage from collisions and make custom modification adjustments with an Automotive Repair & Service Kit. Suspension modifications or damage may require the replacement of brake lines.

Brake line preparation is easy with the correct size of brake line and an Automotive Combination Flaring Tool Kit. Safely remove and reinstall seals and bearings with a Seal and Bearing Driver set. The kit makes removal a breeze. Press bearings and seals squarely in place, reducing the likelyhood of damage.

Repairing Vehicle Body Damage

Repairing vehicle body damage starts with an Automotive Collision Repair Kit. Kits include hydraulic spreaders, bases, wedges, adapters, and extension tubes. More significant damage may require frame repairs.

Push or pull a damaged frame into alignment with a Frame Repair or Frame Straightening Kit. A hand-operated hydraulic ram with an assortment of extension tubes, toes, and heads provide the strength needed to make frame adjustments.

Automotive Hones and Accessories

For maximum performance from a piston replacement, refinish the cylinder walls with an Automotive Hone Kit. Drum brakes and wheel bearing surfaces can find new life after being dressed with an appropriate hone.

Hone kits are available for various bore diameters and depths. Keep kits working at peak efficiency with a set of Replacement Stones. Use 100 grit stones for rough honing. 320 or 400 grit stones provide an excellent operational finish.

Find the Best Automotive Maintenance Tools at Penn Tool Co.

When rebuilding or repairing an automobile, the right tool can be the difference between success and failure. To upgrade, repair, and maintain your favorite vehicles, reach out to our team today.