Baileigh Industrial - The Best provider of quality Metal Machinery

Baileigh Industrial was established in 1999 by Stephan B. Nordstrom on the notion that his company should be “The Place for Metal & Woodworking Machinery.”  For over 20 years they have been supplying customers from the passionate hobbyist to large scale fabrication shops, the High Performance Machinery they need to get the job done.  Their product line is vast and contains many of the machines used for metal forming, welding, cutting, bending, shearing, and all sorts of metal fabrication needs.  Their machines are backed with a one-year parts warranty and have unlimited technical support.  Meaning that Baileigh Industrials technical support team will be there for you 10 days or 10 years after you make a purchase.

While many of the best machinery with the Baileigh name on it is brought here from overseas, many of Baileigh Industrials best-selling products, including tube and pipe benders, abrasive notchers, and press brakes, are Made in USA.  Baileigh Industrial has been known for cutting edge designs and being innovative.  In 2002 Baileigh Industrial was the first to create a Hydraulic Tube Bender that was able to execute 180° bends in one shot.  This machine, the RDB-150, is one of Baileigh’s finest and made right here in the United States.  When typically buying machinery most other brands of equipment come standard or configured in a very basic manner.  You get your basic machine and then you have to add on features at extra costs.  Baileigh is very proud to include standard on its best machines what the competition charges extra for.

Many of Baileigh’s best saws, drills, and lathes often include powerful coolant systems to extend tooling longevity at no extra cost to the customer.  Also, many of their products are come included with die sets that can help the user with a variety of tasks including metal forming, chip removal, welding, cutting, sheet metal forming, and all sorts of metal fabrication.  There really isn’t another company out there that has so many quality products with their name on it.  If you are looking for machinery like Tube & Pipe Benders, Mandrel Benders, Bandsaws, Coldsaws, Pillar Drills, Sheet Metal Folders, Guillotines, Bead Rollers, English Wheels, Power Hammers, Shrinker/Stretchers, Roll Benders, Disc & Belt Grinders, Notchers, Ornamental Benders, Lathes, Milling Machines, Mill Drills, Mill Drills, Presses, Chamfering Machines, Press Brakes, Plate Rolls, Slip Rolls or Plasma Cutters, Baileigh Industrial has you covered.  Baileigh Industrial has the Metal Fabrication Equipment and the Best Metal Machinery you need.