Bend-Tech PRO Bending Software - BT-PRO

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Bend-Tech PRO Bending Software

Bend-Tech PRO was introduced with our assembly interface which has taken the market by storm. Everybody can design and fabricate tubing like the pros.

We spent countless hours observing and asking questions to our customers on how they would like to see PRO work. Our customers wanted the power but didn't want the learning curve and frustration that comes with a standard CAD system. We pealed back the pillars of standard CAD thinking and put together an interface that is logical beyond belief. Most customers are comfortable with full assembly design in less than 2 hours. Again don't let the learning curve fool you, customers are designing entire fabricated tube chassis the first night they sit down with the software.

The assembly interface consists of 3 primary functions.

  • Full 3D assembly design
  • Compete dimensioning
  • Cutting instructions including fish-mouthing

At anytime during the design in PRO's assembly interface you can lookup the details of a part and print out entire manufacturing instructions. PRO uses your tooling and materials libraries so you are confident you can create what is being designed.

Bend-Tech PRO will allow your creativity to become reality. PRO has empowered the fabricator. PRO allows any fabricator to become a proficient tubing manufacture in a few short hours. If you are a serious hobbyist, start up shop or a small full time fabricator, PRO will save you thousands of dollars in costly rework and material scrap.

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Bend-Tech PRO Bending Software - BT-PRO

Bend-Tech PRO Bending Software - BT-PRO

Bend-Tech PRO Bending Software - BT-PRO