Birmingham Machinery

Birmingham The Best Metalworking Machinery

For over 30 years Birmingham has been supplying the Best Metalworking Machinery throughout the United States.  The Birmingham name has been synonymous with the Best Milling Machines, Lathes, Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws, Mill/Drill Machines, Surface Grinders, Fabrication, and Sheet Metal Equipment.  When buying machinery from overseas one of the first things Penn Tool advises its customers is to make sure that the mfg. has some sort of presence within the United States.  The reason is, that if something goes wrong with the machine, you want the support of a company based here in the United States.  Many years down the road you may need parts for a particular machine and if you don’t deal with a Machinery Company based within the United States you are going to have a lot of trouble finding parts.  In the case of Birmingham, they do have a U.S. based presence.  Penn Tool Co., has been dealing with them for over 3 decades and is very happy with the after sales support they have provided on the machines they manufacture.  There are so many Metalworking Machinery Manufactures that Penn Tool Co., refuses to do business with because they have horrible after market service and support.  From experience, Penn Tool Co., has learned that there certainly might be less expensive machines on the market, but once you purchase them, support is almost non-existent.  That is not the case with Birmingham Machinery.  You can be sure that once you purchase a Birmingham Machine there will certainly be someone here in the United States to offer support and parts for the machine you put your hard earned money into.  Birmingham has manufacturing plants in both China and Taiwan and produces very similar product lines in each factory.  Usually there is a choice when purchasing a Birmingham Machine that is almost identical, but made in either China or Taiwan.  All the Birmingham Machinery are world class machines that are strictly built to be ISO 9002 Certified and come with 1 year warranty.  You can be sure no matter which country of origin you choose, it is going to be one of quality and one that lasts you a long time.  Penn Tool Co., has sold Birmingham Machinery to thousands of satisfied customers over the years. We are confident they will continue to be the choice for Metalworkers looking for the best machines to get the job done in the Factory or Machine Shop.