Bison Tools

It takes precision tools to make superior products when cutting and turning metal. Anything less than the best tool will produce poor quality or scrap parts.

Fortunately, the Bison line of machine tool components provides machine shops and factories with the accuracy required for jobs of all types.

At Penn Tool Co., we offer an expansive selection of Bison tools. Find the right measuring, holding, or cutting tool for any metalworking job, below.

Bison Precision Measuring Tools

Find every tool needed to set up, hold, and cut the part right the first time.

Levels and Indicators

Ensure the work surface, vise, cutter, and workpiece are properly positioned with the correct measuring and setup tools. To ensure the setup, Bison has a full line of analog and digital levels, calipers, micrometers, and indicators. Test indicator holders and contact points keep measurements accurate.

Setup Blocks and Gages

Check alignment with precision ground setup blocks and parallel gauges. Use analog and digital protractors and squares to square up the work. Use an angle block set to set up a variety of work angles. V-Block sets to assist in positioning round stock on a flat work surface.


Bison produces a full line of machine vises. Shaft holding vises are self-centering and can hold up to 6″ diameter stock for drilling and milling processes. Flat stock and precision vices are available up to 8″.

Bison Turning Tools

Every turning task needs the appropriate holding, centering, and cutting bit to get the result the job requires.

Lathe Chucks

Bison has a full line of 3 and 4 jaw chucks. Use a 3-jaw chuck for symmetrical and round stock. A 4-jaw chuck will accommodate odd-shaped workpieces. With chuck sizes from 3″ to 32″, there is a chuck for nearly any job.

Live Centers

There is a live center for every size and type of job. Quality results are within reach with Standard, Precision, and Super-Precision live centers. An assortment of point length, taper, overall length, and RPM options will accommodate any job. Interchangeable insert live center sets enable easy material changes with the same center.

Collet Chucks

Choose from Bison’s line of 5″ chuck bodies and backplates for milling applications. The collets can be used for turning, facing, grinding, and milling operations. A simple, one-key function provides 3-jaw, distortion-free clamping. Collet chucks include a chuck wrench, mounting bolts, and a hex key.

Chuck Parts

Maintain and adjust chucks with the right tool. Bison has a self-ejecting chuck key for every chuck they carry. Chuck pinions and back plates enable chucks to adapt to new equipment and prolong their life. Bison Chuck Grease keeps equipment clean and working smoothly for safe operation and accurate results.

Get the Precision Turning Tools You Need from Bison at Penn Tool Co.

Since its founding in Poland in 1948, Bison has produced precision machine tool components. You can benefit from Bison’s experience.

To find the best Bison tools for your shop or factory, reach out to our team today.