Essential Quality Control Measuring Devices

Essential Quality Control Measuring Devices

15th Mar 2021

Essential Quality Control Measuring Devices

The fun part of any DIY project is at the end when everybody can enjoy the fruits of your labors. And one of the most effective methods for reaching this stage as soon as possible begins all the way back at step one with the golden rule of every self-respecting workshop: measure twice, cut once. The ability to take accurate measurements often relies on the tools we have available. Here is a closer look at some of the essential quality control measuring devices.

Measuring Tape

The ability to measure dimensions will be crucial for nearly every project imaginable. It’s important to keep the proper tools around the workshop for finding dimensions, including a dependable measuring tape. The instrument you use should offer measurement markings for both imperial and metric distances. Unlike some other tools used for more precise readings, a measuring tape is useful for larger projects where there is a bit more room for error.

Rulers, Levels, Squares, and Protractors

Many situations call for more accurate measurements than a standard tape measure can provide. When this need arises, there are many examples of tools you can use to complete the job, including rulers, compasses, and protractors. Using the right tool for the job ensures your projects stay square and level.


A caliper is a tool used to measure the distance between the opposing sides of an object. Calipers are essential quality control measuring devices in a workshop because they can help find the dimensions of round or irregularly shaped objects. Today, many different types of calipers exist, including some with screens that give you a digital readout of the measurements.


Just like there are many different types of calipers, there are also various scales available as well. These scales help find the weight of what you are working with, ensuring your project can stand up to the weight you intend to place upon it. Engineers and architects also use a special type of scale-finder to discover the linear measurement of any shape it traces and convert the numbers to scale for your project.

These are just a few of the precision measuring instruments we sell every single day at Penn Tool. Proudly veteran-owned since 1968, we are the go-to spot for all your home and business workshop tool needs.