How To Keep Your Shop Dust-Free

Posted by Penn Tool Co., Inc on 28th Jul 2021

How To Keep Your Shop Dust-Free

Metalworking can be a messy practice. The machines and processes involved end up producing a lot of byproducts such as dust, debris, and material shavings. If these byproducts remain on your workshop floor or in the air, they can cause health concerns and even injury for you and your employees. This is why it’s so important to remove this debris as soon as possible. Keep reading for the best tips on how to keep your shop dust-free to promote a clean and healthy environment.

Dust Collector

Whenever you start a sanding, finishing, or grinding process, or similar task around the shop, you send dust and debris into the air. This is where having an industrial shop dust collector can help. Collector units contain debris at the source, as they are often connected directly to the grinding machine through the ductwork. Depending on the conditions of your shop space, there are two types of dust collectors to consider:

  • Dry Dust Collectors. These collectors act like supersized vacuums for catching metal dust and debris from your machines.
  • Wet Dust Collectors. The difference between dry and wet dust collectors is that wet filtration units house the captured dust, debris, and shavings in a water tank. This process cools the debris, as hot shavings and other grinding byproducts can pose a fire hazard.

Air Filtration

Your air filtration system is very important in an enclosed metalworking shop. An overall air filtration system helps catch any particles and dust a dust collector can’t pick up. It’s important to implement a thorough air filtration unit and frequently swap your air filters. Don’t skimp on this step—quality air filters are worth the investment when it comes to you and your employees’ safety.

Shop Vacuum

The most direct way to remove metal and other dust from your shop is to vacuum regularly. Invest in a dry or wet shop vac to pick up dust and debris that collects around your machines, workbenches, and elsewhere in the shop. Vacuuming after every project is a good habit to get into in the workshop space. It keeps a lot of unnecessary dust out of the air and is a simple, effective step to improving your air quality.

Using a dust collector, air filtration system, and shop vacuum are all ways to help stop excess dust accumulation in your metalworking shop. If you’re wondering how to keep your shop dust-free, try out these methods in your workshop.