Micrometer Guide: List of Top 5 Digital Micrometers in 2023

Posted by Penn Tool Co., Inc on 14th Mar 2023

Micrometer Guide: List of Top 5 Digital Micrometers in 2023

Get accurate and reliable readings with a digital micrometer measuring tool. Here are some of the best digital micrometers to buy in 2023.

Taking accurate measurements is the most crucial part of any mechanical and manufacturing project. Measurements can help professionals achieve desired results without missing out on the details of different projects. Standard tape or measuring tools might offer inaccurate figures due to a lack of technologically advanced features, reliability, and statistical analysis. This is where digital micrometer measuring tools get into the picture.

A digital micrometer is a modern measuring tool that allows professionals to get accurate and reliable measurements within a few seconds. You can also convert your readings from one system to another by pressing the mm/inch or unit button on the tool. Reading on the digital micrometers is displayed on the LCD display eliminating the need to interpret the scales after every reading.

Before getting deeper into the post, let us first understand:

What is a digital micrometer?

A digital micrometer is a measuring instrument that offers digitally accurate and precise measurements. Digital micrometers are used by mechanical engineers, machinists, researchers, and other professionals in technical and laboratory settings to measure lengths in microns or millimeters. Through digital micrometers, professionals can eliminate the chances of false readings and significantly reduce labor work time.

This instrument can offer accurate and reliable readings within a few seconds, both in metric and imperial units. Some advanced digital micrometers have a data output connectivity feature that allows the system to connect with computers to store valuable information.

With significant years of experience in the market, we understand what it takes to find the right digital micrometer set for different application measurements. At Penn Tool, we offer an extensive range of reliable and tier-quality digital measuring equipment at affordable rates. To buy a digital micrometer, you can either explore the product section or connect with us directly to learn more about our products or services.

List Of 5 Best Digital Micrometers

1. iGaging Data Electronics Digital Tube Micrometer

iGaging is one of the leading and most trusted mechanical tools brands nationwide. The micrometer tool has an extra large display, long battery life, SPC-USB port for data output, and all metal ratchet stops at affordable prices.

2. Mitutoyo Digimatic Electronic Micrometer Set

Mitutoyo digimatic electronic micrometer set comes with a larger and clear LCD display, multifunctional ZERO/ABS key, durable plastic case, and 3.5 years battery life. It is a well-constructed device that offers smooth and effort readings.

3. SPI Swiss Electronic Micrometer

SPI swiss electronic micrometer is one of the most popular and reputable brands in the market. This device includes IP65 level protection, inch/metric conversion, double ratchet, spindle lock, furnished fitted case, auto shut features, and long-lasting battery life.

4. Starret Electronic Micrometer

Starret electronic micrometer is an affordable and powerful electric micrometer measuring tool. IP67 protection, large LCD display, wireless data collection system, SPC output capability, spindle lock, automate off feature, and 3-volt batteries included for extended use are prominent features of this tool.

5. iGaging Electronic Digital Caliper Micrometer

iGaging electronic digital caliper micrometer is a memory technology that keeps track of its origin position once set. This device has 2-year-long battery life, IP65 protection ( from water, oil, and dust), large LCD displays, absolute & incremental modes, and an automatic switch-off feature.

How does a digital micrometer work?

Most types of digital micrometers operate on the principle of a screw and nut. The measuring tool includes a thimble (an axial rotation of the barrel-like structure), spindle, frame, and ratchet shop. The spindle and thimble are connected to a screw that helps the spindle to move to precise and measurable distances to calculate accurate figures.

How to use a digital micrometer?

Before you begin the process, clean the device to remove dirt and debris that can create hindrances in getting precise measurements. Place the object against the micrometer’s anvil and tighten the tool until the spindle is firmly pressed against the object on your device, and press the inch or unit button to get accurate measurements.

How to read a digital micrometer?

Digital micrometer readings are different from standard micrometer readings. In standard micrometer reading, you must add the sleeve, thimble, and vernier measurements to get accurate and reliable measurements. In a digital micrometer, you don’t have to worry about different measurements. Considering all the different measurements and factors involved, the device will offer you a precise measurement.

Where to buy a digital micrometer?

At Penn Tool Co, we offer an extensive range of digital measuring tools from trusted and reputable brands nationwide. To buy a digital micrometer or learn more about our services, call us at 800-526-4956.

What does a digital micrometer measure?

A digital micrometer can measure the distance to 0.001mm on a small scale. They commonly measure small objects or units for mechanical, machining, and metalworking tolerances. However, which type of digital micrometer to use may vary depending on the specifications, requirements, and more of your project.

How to adjust a digital micrometer to zero?

Different types of digital micrometers are designed uniquely to offer precise readings for various applications. Ensure to know the specifications and different features of your digital micrometer before adjusting it to zero. Here are some simple steps to adjust a digital micrometer to zero:

  • Begin by gently turning the thimble to bring the spindle in contact with the anvil.
  • Then apply sufficient force using the ratchet to stop the thimble.
  • Press the zero button to set the display to zero or 0.0000 on the LCD screen of your digital micrometer.

Why does the spindle arm on a digital micrometer rotate inward?

A spindle is a rotating shaft that acts as a support, a positioner, and a rotary drive for the measuring tool. The spindle in a digital micrometer extends from the thimble to offer sufficient support to push the item against the anvil. The spindle helps hold the items sung against the anvil to get accurate and precise measurements. Hence, the spindle arm rotates inwards to measure and offer adequate support throughout the reading process.

How much is 5000 of an inch on a digital micrometer?

The smallest increment typically displayed on the digital readout of a digital micrometer is 0.0001 inch (or 0.00005 inch in some high-precision models). As each increment on the digital readout is 0.0001 inch, 5000 of an inch equals 0.5 inch (or 0.25 inch in high-precision models).

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