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Mitutoyo America has the top measuring instruments on the market today

Founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata on the single product line of a micrometer, Mitutoyo has become one of the world's largest and best Metrology Company.  The philosophy at the time was to manufacture the best mechanical micrometer in the world!  They have not changed their mindset since their humble beginnings.  Yehan Numata started his company with one product in mind, but today's company is a little different.  The philosophy of producing the best has not changed, but their product line has grown enormously.  Today Mitutoyo is a powerhouse in the Metrology Industry.  Wider product lines now include mechanical and dimensional Gaging Tools that lead the industry in quality and workmanship.  Known throughout the world for their best calipers, micrometers, indicators and other advanced measuring devices.  Now located in Aurora Illinois, Mitutoyo America offers over 6000 products serving multiple manufacturing industries throughout the United States.  From one simple micrometer back in 1934, the company has now such advanced products that electronically can be integrated into computer based metrology systems where they can be interconnected to form closed loop measuring networks.  Quite a big step from the simple yet functional micrometer the company was founded on.  Penn Tool Co., has been a distributor of Mitutoyo Tools since The 1970's.  Our relationship is very close and Penn Tool prides itself on the quality tools and best measuring instruments that Mitutoyo has been producing throughout the years.  Purchase a tool made by Mitutoyo on the Penn Tool Website and there is no question you will agree that what you are getting is some of the best measuring instruments on the market today!

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