Telescopic Gauges: Usage & Benefits of a Telescopic Gauge

Posted by Penn Tool Co., Inc on 10th May 2023

Telescopic Gauges: Usage & Benefits of a Telescopic Gauge

A telescopic gauge is a traditional measuring tool to know the diameter of a borehole. Continue reading to learn more about telescoping gauge use and its benefits.

The telescoping gauge set has been in the industry for decades. Primarily, the measuring tool is used by mechanics to measure the bore size of a crankcase where the piston shifts up and down.

If this is your first time using bore gauges, a telescopic gauge is the perfect measuring tool for you. It is always best to start with simple measuring tools to get a grip on the process and avoid significant mistakes. Even minor errors in measurements can cost a fortune and result in losing important clients.

A telescoping gauge, also known as a snap gauge, is an indirect measuring tool used to calculate the internal diameters of a bore. With this tool, you can easily conduct regular inspections and get accurate measurements for your business or DIY projects.

In this blog, we will walk you through everything that will help expand your knowledge and understanding of using telescoping gauges and ways you can get the most out of your efforts.

Let us begin this article by understanding:

What is a telescopic gauge?

A telescoping gauge is a T-shaped measuring tool that consists of a handle, two telescopic rods, and a locking screw. Usually, there are two styles of telescopic gauges having different plunging rod settings. Some telescopic gauges have two plunging telescopic rods, while others have one plunging rods where the second rods remain fixed. With the help of a micrometer, you can accurately measure the distance of the bore using telescopic rods.

The ends of the rods are the most essential part of the tool, called the radius edge. By gently twisting the locking screw clockwise, you can lock the position of your telescoping rod. Similarly, by rotating the screw anti-clockwise, you can make the rods move freely inside the bore. 

What is a telescoping gauge used for?

The primary purpose of a telescopic gauge is to measure the internal diameter of the bore. It is an indirect approach to measuring the inner diameter of the cylinder and hollow substances. It becomes relatively easy to inspect the hollow substance using telescoping gauges. It is imperative to understand that the telescoping gauge offers indirect readings. Hence, if you are well-versed in the measuring techniques and methods, you can get the correct measurements. However, if your techniques are incorrect or you are unfamiliar with methods, you will get inaccurate measurements. In some cases, your rod might never reach the bottom end of the hollow substance.

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What are the recommended models of telescopic gauges?

1. iGaging Telescoping Gauge

iGaging is one of the leading and popular bore gauge manufacturers across the nation. They offer standard and durable quality telescoping gauge sets at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of measuring tools for different bore or hallow substances. The iGaging six-piece telescoping gauge is one of the market's most famous and wildly preferred telescopic gauge options. It comes with a rigid handle for easy grip and adjustment facility and is made with a satin chrome finish, making it easy to maintain uniform contact pressure. 

2. Mitutoyo Telescoping Gauge Set

Compared to the iGaging telescoping gauge set, the Mitutoyo telescoping gauge set is slightly more expensive. Mitutoyo is another popular and widely used bore gauge brand across the nation. The Mitutoyo 4-piece telescoping gauge set satin has a chrome finish and self-centering features to offer a satisfactory measuring experience. Depending on your project needs and preferences, you can invest in a 6-piece telescoping gauge set. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the product and get the best solutions to all your telescoping needs and concerns.


1. How accurate are telescoping gauges?

With the help of a micrometer and the right skills, one can measure the precise distance of a bore. Even slight mistakes or incorrect measuring methods can result in false readings and majorly affect your business practices. Hence, it is imperative to be thorough with your techniques and use the right scaling methods or telescoping gauge working principles to get the most out of your efforts. Explore our website to discover standard quality telescoping gauges based on your business needs, requirements, and other preferences. You can also connect with us to determine the best telescopic gauge measuring tool for your ongoing or future business projects.

2. How to use a telescoping gauge?

It is imperative to learn the correct measuring methods to obtain the right measures. However, using the telescoping gauge is fairly simple and requires little practice. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know the proper measuring process for your business or DIY projects.

  • Begin by collapsing the measuring heads by rotating the locking screw anticlockwise.
  • Following that, place the telescoping gauge into the bore with one head against the bore's surface. After placing the tool, ensure to slowly lose the screw to allow the rods to move freely. Make sure not to release too much part of the equipment as the rods are spring-loaded.
  • Tilt the telescopic gauge so that the rods are slightly inclined. Once inclined, make sure to tighten the locking screw.
  • Lift one end above the horizontal and force it slowly downward through the bore. Following this, wiggle the gauge back and forth to allow the gauge to find its smallest size on the spring.

Continue repeating the process till you get perfect measurements.

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