The Best Surface Grinders to Buy

Posted by Penn Tool Co., Inc on 9th Jan 2023

The Best Surface Grinders to Buy

The Best Surface Grinders to Buy

Professionals don’t buy cheap surface grinders. They invest in metalworking solutions that maximize the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

However, as the metalworking experts at Penn Tool Co. can tell you, there is an abundance of diverse options available to you. So how do you narrow down your options?

Fortunately, in our 55 years in operation, we’ve used hundreds of different brands and thousands of unique models. In this article, we reveal everything you must know to find the best surface grinding system for your company.

What are the Most Common Surface Machine Systems?

Chevalier Manual Surface Grinder 8" x 18" - FSG-818SP

There are many different types of metal surface grinders on the market, but five of the most common include:

  • Automatic Surface Grinder
  • Manual Hand-Feed Grinders
  • Bench Grinders
  • Double-Column Surface Grinding Systems
  • Precision Surface Grinders

Automatic surface grinders are perfect for large-scale operations where speed and efficiency are paramount. Meanwhile, bench grinders are affordable and can handle a wide range of tasks with ease.

A double-column surface grinding system features two vertically mounted grinding columns that provide exceptional stability and rigidity during operation. However, it is quite large and expensive, making it unsuitable for smaller operations.

Manual hand-feed grinders are ideal for low-production grinding jobs. Finally, precision surface grinders use advanced technology to produce extremely precise results with less effort on behalf of the operator.

The 5 Best Surface Grinding Machines for Sale This Year

Here are the top 5 surface grinders for sale this year:

How did each metalworking machine earn the top spot in its category?

Top Automatic Surface Grinder: Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinder

Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinder, 12

The Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinder is one of the most popular machines used for surface grinding. It has a wide range of options, allowing it to be tailored to the needs of different operations and projects.

With its advanced features and rigid construction, this machine can handle any job with ease. The cutting head can move in all three axis directions for precise cutting and grinding, while the large table allows for an array of shapes and sizes to be worked on.

Top Manual Hand-Feed Grinder: Kent KGS-1020 Manual Hand Feed Grinder

Kent KGS-1020 Manual Hand Feed Grinder

The Kent KGS-1020 Manual Hand Feed Grinder is another popular manual surface grinding machine for metalworking professionals. This hand-feed grinder is designed to deliver top performance with its 10” x 20” work capacity and heavy-duty construction, making it an ideal choice for industrial operations.

This machine comes equipped with an easy-to-use 3 HP motor, and the high-column design provides extra clearance under the wheel. The Kent KGS-1020 offers versatility, precision, and reliability in any shop setting.

Top Bench Grinder: Palmgren Bench Surface Grinder

Palmgren 6

Palmgren’s Bench Surface Grinder is a versatile machine that allows metalworkers to perform a variety of grinding operations. Even better, it’s the ideal choice for producing within close tolerances.

It has an adjustable work table with a large cast iron base to minimize vibration and maximize rigidity & accuracy. Adding to this, the spindle and motor operate on a direct-drive design to further prevent movement.

Top Double-Column Surface Grinding System: Kent Double-Column Surface Grinder

Kent SGS-T6012AHD Double Column Grinder, 47

The Kent Double-Column Surface Grinder is the top choice for metalworking professionals who need an efficient and user-friendly machine. The grinder features a large working area, dual columns for maximum stability, and robust construction for years of reliable performance.

Additionally, it boasts a 30 HP hydraulic pump motors with variable speed options that enable users to achieve perfect finishes on all materials. This high-performance machine is perfect for safe, fast, and accurate grinding operations.

Top Precision Surface Grinders: Birmingham Precision Surface Grinder

Birmingham Precision Surface Grinders 6

The Birmingham Precision Surface Grinder is a reliable and durable machine for any metalworking shop. The grinder is made with heavy-duty construction to handle everyday grinding tasks, and it includes an adjustable table for easy alignment of materials.

It has a wide range of speed options and uses diamond wheels for precise grinding results. This machine also offers a high degree of accuracy, which makes it ideal for precision surface grinding jobs.

Find the Best Surface Grinders at Penn Tool Co.

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