Types of Lathe Chuck Mounts

Posted by Penn Tool Co. on 11th Mar 2021

Types of Lathe Chuck Mounts

Types of Lathe Chuck Mounts

There will come a time when you’re using your lathe that the standard setup won’t cut it for your project. Try as you might, you can’t find a way to mount your workpiece easily. Fortunately, there are many different options for mounting the piece depending upon the lathe you are using. Here is a closer look at several common types of lathe chuck mounts.

Drill Chucks Mounts

The simplest type of mount to use is a drill chuck mount. These work in much the same way as the chuck on your power drill. You use a clamp to hold an object in place and spin the opposite direction to unlock it, allowing you to input a new tool. In lathes, the drill chuck is often responsible for holding the rotating workpiece.

Jawed Chuck Mounts

There are several different jawed types of lathe chuck mounts, with some designs even featuring self-centering. Coming in both keyed and keyless designs, jawed chuck mounts can often be loosened and tightened by hand alone. Tightening the jaws will then hold either the tool or the workpiece in place. This style is sometimes referred to by the term “universal chuck” and is common in many workshops and machine shops.

Collet Chunk Mounts

Finally, we have collet chuck mounts. What makes this style of chuck unique is how it works to hold the workpiece in place. The chuck has sleeves or collars that are flexible, fitting tightly around the tool or workpiece and gripping it in place. This operates on a principle called static friction, which is enough to hold everything in place under normal operating conditions.

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