Blow Guns, Air Chucks & Air Hose Accessories

Blow Guns, Air Chucks, & Air Hose Accessories

When working with air tools, leaking hoses and fittings can reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of production. Worn-out or damaged air hose chucks, hoses, and tools are also safety hazards.

Cheap air line parts find their way into every shop in an attempt to save money. In reality, cheap parts wear out and break more frequently than high-quality components. Investing in quality parts will maintain the efficiency of the workplace and save money in the long run.

Air Compressors and Accessories

Blow Guns, Air Guns, & Spray Guns

Compressed air is a safe and effective way to clean equipment and hard-to-reach spots. Use an air gun or blow gun to remove chips, dust, or other debris from machine tools and work surfaces.

Use a safety nozzle on air blower guns to reduce the chances of injuries from high pressure against workers’ skin. Install a non-marring rubber tip for added safety and to protect sensitive equipment.

Wands or extensions up to 48″ long can remove debris from behind or under shop devices. Thumb lever and pistol grip units can adapt to any application while maintaining ergonomics.

Spray Guns

Spray Guns add the ability to deliver water or cleaning solution under pressure for tough cleanup jobs. A standard 1/4″ NPT air line provides the pressure, while a suction line supplies the cleaning solution. Air and solution flow can be adjusted separately to provide air and solution or air only.

Air Chucks, Air Line Inflators, and Gauge Assemblies

Air chucks come in two styles: Open Check and Closed Check. Closed check chucks are the most familiar to consumers. They are closed until pressed onto a valve stem. Open Check chucks are common in industrial settings.

They allow air to pass even if they are not pressed onto a valve stem. An inflator with a thumb lever or an auxiliary valve regulates airflow. Open check chucks often include a clip chuck to lock them to the stem and provide ease of release.

Air Line Inflators are used to start and stop unregulated airflow with a thumb lever. Inflators and Gauge assemblies indicate line pressure. The gauge assemblies have an upper and lower limit. The indicator will display application pressure within the specified range.

Air Chuck Accessories

Air chuck clips lock the chuck to the stem. The release lever ensures ease of release when the job is done.

Air chuck holders are convenient storage devices. Don’t hunt for the chuck needed for the next task. Keep every chuck needed for the job on the hose for easy access.

Air Hose Accessories

Protect hose ends from premature wear and kinking with Air hose accessories. Use Anti-Whip Lash Straps to protect workers from an uncontrolled failure of fittings or hose ends. Adapt rigid main lines to 1/4″ NPT flexible air hose with fittings, manifolds, and valves.

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Air tools improve efficiency and effectiveness of your shop. Blow guns, chucks, & air hose air gun accessories are the hands-on portion of the pneumatic system. To keep your shop’s air system operating at peak efficiency, reach out to our team today.